Monday, 9 June 2014

Safeguarding investigation

It seems that Bishop Dakin wanted to be selective, he only wanted to publicly attack Jersey for a 'safeguarding investigation' while his public attack immediately invalidated him and his investigation, because how is it safeguarding when you publicly flog people?

He showed it was not a genuine investigation by not investigating the post-Jersey situation and by threatening me.
Basically stating that my side didn't matter to him, nor did his violation of my life and harm to me as a result.

Anyway, whatever his motives in publicly attacking the Deanery of Jersey and not handling the matter properly, it certainly wasn't a safeguarding exercise.
He has  certainly ensured that no-one will EVER report abuse in a church in Jersey again.
But he has not carried out a safeguarding investigation, he has excluded me from the hijacked investigation and ensured that I am unheard and villified, because his public attack on the whole deanery of Jersey led to legal repercussions from the lawyer-judiciary-church-clergy clique, that Dakin was not prepared for even though he attacked them, unjustly and needlessly.

And So a hijacked investigation that was done with a lot of expertise and excluded me, was done, it is not a safeguarding investigation, it is just part of a nasty war that Dakin sparked and has had no control over.

It is interesting that no other neglected investigations were suddenly launched by Dakin, and I know of several abuse victims who have not had their cases investigated properly, several people let down or villified by the Diocese, but they haven't had a public attack by Dakin in the media.

In true Church of Englandstyle, the whole matter is glossed over and tucked away, while I am left scapegoated and seriously harmed, I have been excluded from giving evidence, while the powerful clique in Jersey have engineered the evidence to ensure I am permenantly damned and the wrongdoers are cleared.

The fact remains that the Bishop had no power whatsoever to suspend the Dean or discipline clergy in Jersey, and I knew that because clergy told me that about my complaint while I was being harmed in Jersey, and the Diocese knew it because they must have known, and they did nothing about my complaint when they should have done. And too late, long after they had destroyed me instead, they decided to publicly launch on the Jersey Deanery, funny how in the Korris report they accused ME of involving innocent people, THEY injured hundreds of innocent people through their public attack on the Jersey church in the national press and media, they injured hundreds of innocent and vulnerable people, for no good reason as the Bishop had no right to suspend the Dean.

The Bishop's suspension of the Dean, and any disciplinary action was illegal. So 15 months later I am set up to be destroyed as a result, for no good reason, because I am the easiest scapegoat through hijacked reports and I have no voice as I continue to be villified and scapegoated.

Safeguarding? No, there has been no sign of that in all these years of being destroyed, driven to breaking point and breakdowns, voiceless and slandered and scapegoated, still with my side omitted.

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