The year of friendly emails part 2

Re: Back home

Anne ***** (******* 27/05/2008
To: ***** *****

Glad you got back safe and sound. Thank you for the Birthday greetings - we are all going to Arundel in W Sussex.
JM's birthday is on Tuesday 3rd June.
We shall look forward to reading your book - will it have photographs in it?
Enjoy your sailing.

Love  AnR  XX
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From: ****** ******
To: Anne *****
Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 3:52 PM
Subject: Back home

Thank you so much for looking after me for the weekend, the weather wasn't too bad in Poole.
I am back ok, and preparing for sailing of all sorts, I wrote 3500 words for one of my books last night as well.
I am sailing every day for the next five days, all being well, thats including tall ships.
Let me know if there is any news from blood tests or consultants for me to pray about.
I have been offered a part time job in a nice garden, and will also be doing some work experience elsewhere.
Have a lovely weekend next weekend, Happy Birthday for then!
Is it JM's birthday as well?


Re: Hi s

***** (******@****** to contacts 31/05/2008
To: ***** *****

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I imagine that you are now on the slowboat to Jersey in the wind and rain.   Not a problem for a seafarer like you I suppose!.   Thanks for your reply to my email - the ***** bit was a bit complicated!   As I said before, if ****** is something you really want, of course I hope that the application goes well.    It was good to see you and have a proper chat.

Love ******

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From: ****** ******
To: M&S ******
Sent: Sunday, May 25, 2008 3:46 PM
Subject: Hi s

Hi S,
I hope the plant sale went well.
I just read your email. I dont tend to stay in ****** as I get into a mind boggling vortex there, and dont tend to get to see anyone else, I dont really know how to explain that, but never mind, its been good to stay with Anne and *** and see everyone, and L. is nice and central to get to *****, winchester and romsey etc. It has been comforting and refreshing to be here and especially to be in st ******** for the service. Jersey is wonderful, but the style of worship there is different, and I do get homesick, why am I going to ******???


Dear ******

You will now have got my much delayed reply to your email written from Anne's.It has been sitting in my outbox since 26th May, since when we have had no email AND NO TELEPHONE!!!!   I'm sure you will be wondering why I haven't replied to two subsequent messages from you, but the ****** house has been totally out of contact with the outside world.

Today, Saturday, we have had a new phone line put in from the pole to the house, which has enabled me to contact "Technical Support" yet again and get the internet connection back on.  Lets hope it will STAY on now.

Thanks for email of 27th "home safely and sailing lots".

Thanks too for the Tall Ships message of the 29th.   I am hoping SO much that you were well enough to sail on the ********* yesterday.   What a good name for a ship!   I wish I had been able to think about youl   My thoughts are obviously too late for yesterday, but I am continuing to wish you well and will look forward to further news.    Glad the car is recovered at least!

Take care

Love - S.

Revd ******(revd*****@****** to contacts 03/06/2008
To: '***** ******'

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Dear *******,

 I gather I missed your phone call, sorry I was out but life is as busy as usual over here, even on my birthday. An unexpected cancellation has given me a bit of time.

 Northwood Park was great, and the weather was surprisingly good, the shortage of hay bales is now quite noticeable, but that is much more of a problem for the farmers than it is for us.

 I am glad the sailing is still progressing well, if you keep up the good work, perhaps you will be able to sail to Dorset instead of getting the ferry!

 See you soon, take care,

Lots of love,


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