Monday, 24 July 2017

Welby Letter 2017


Dear Archbishop Justin Welby,

I am writing to remind you that there has been no investigation into what happened to me in Jersey and Winchester, and that because you have not carried out an investigation and instead have run a public smear campaign against me that included conflicted judges, police and other people in dual roles in Church and dignitary or power positions accessing already illegally influenced records, you have left more than one criminal wrongdoer in a position to harm others, and you have left me destroyed. And worst, you have shown very open bias, repeatedly meeting with the conflicted wrongdoers and upholding them, having never met with me. Do you think an Archbishop should behave like that?

No, especially not an archbishop who keeps shouting about safeguarding, an archbishop should be neutral and not interfere to uphold abusers, and it is shocking that you claim that things have changed since George Carey upheld Peter Ball, because all you have done is exactly the same as George Carey did, he, like you, believed that the victims could not possibly be right, because a 'Godly man' like Ball, could not do such things, and you believe that a 'Godly man' such as Bob Key, could not do such things, and you believe so on a million pounds of conflicted whitewash that didn't include the victim, and on your 'personal meetings' with the Jersey Deanery's conflicted dignitaries, having never met the victim, so you have left the Keys, Philip Bailhache, and Ian LeMarquand, in positions to offend again, and you have left your victim destroyed, having never contacted her, even in response to correspondence, and having never heard her story.

You firmly believe that police influenced by conflicted members of the States, Judiciary and Deanery of Jersey are right, and incredibly, after having my publicly destroyed and nearly killed, you thought your failed and disgraced national safeguarding team would pick up the pieces if I wasn't killed by you publicly destroying me.

I am still waiting for an investigation into my case, a balanced one that includes my side of things both on the abuses and cover-ups in the church and their dangerous attitude to the vulnerable from when I was 19 to the present day, and into your and Tim Dakin's public attempted murder of me and falsehoods with the help of your lawyers, PR and communication teams while I had no such support or protection.
But while the Church remains corrupt and lawless and unwilling to be held to account and not held to account by any body, and with integral lawyers, police, judiciary and other agencies, there is as yet no sign of the Church being held to account and made to safeguard.

And all of this while you continue to lie through your teeth about safeguarding in the church, especially when a victim tells the press and media how badly they have been treated by the church over abuse - you then trot out empty lines about how good safeguarding is, how much you care, and now you are actually advertising the openly complicit and failed National Safeguarding Team to this beautiful lie, even though victims are telling you and the press that the national safeguarding team are harmful, complicit, unpleasant and simply not acting upon abuse and cover-up, they are acting to protect you and the senior Bishops who continue the Peter Ball and George Carey tradition of cover-up on behalf of themselves and the dignitaries such as those in Jersey who you destroyed me for.

You have done to me what Carey did to Ball's victims, but incredibly you used the Ball report to strut and crow, as you do, with your fake safeguarding lies. Satan is a liar and the father of lies, and you are his most prized servant, your beautiful duplicity is incredibly, and I hope that you are asked to step down soon for the damage that you have done, indeed I pray so.

Peter Hancock who failed to act upon me being destroyed in my community of Winchester and who employed the dangerous liar Bob Key in an evangelism position after Bob Key had me destroyed repeatedly with the Church's blessing, with your blessing, is conflicted, unsuitable to be in a safeguarding position, and should stand aside to ensure that justice is done. And you should make sure that Bob Key is removed from the evangelism positions until there has been an investigation both into his harm to me and into the recent three year smear campaign against me and cover-up of the wrongdoing at my expense. Each day that goes by while I suffer and that man and his wife pose a danger to the vulnerable with your blessing is a massive safeguarding failure for which the church while have to account.

You appear to be having great difficulty understanding both why what you have done against me is wrong and why safeguarding in the church of england remains non-existant despite your boasts and PR stunts and use of complicit agencies to try to uphold and condone the non-existant safeguarding.
My case, in it's full and horrific glory, is the last word in safeguarding in the church, a decade of destroying, branding and nearly killing a vulnerable adult for the sake of the church's image, treating her like an animal and then claiming that safeguarding is good, having never even recorded her side of things. Then using the complicit national safeguarding team to try to pick up the pieces. Horrifying.

You need to act and put things right, or stop falsely using God's Name, and the Church of England needs to be supervised from the outside with urgency and immediacy.

JJ, the victim of the million pound Jersey and Winchester whitewash