Thursday, 2 June 2016

Setting the record straight

Dear Church of England Safeguarding Board, especially Dodds and the Bishop of Winchester,

Although I haven't read the pack of lies sent to me by the Bishop in past weeks I do know that is all he is capable of and I understand that he has liaised with Jane Dodds of the safeguarding board to try to use her in whatever deceit and harm he has inflicted on me with the help of the press and Archbishop. I believe they intend to try and force on me as Fisher frequently did, which is illegal. 

Jane Fisher, Elizabeth Hall, Paul Butler, Jill Sandham, Daphne Green and others have all harmed me while calling themselves safeguarding representatives.
Indeed in Fisher's case, the Bishop upheld her in continuing to harm me, for example in the illegal referral to the NSPCC AFTER I had made a complaint against Fisher. The Bishop refused to deal with my complaint and left Fisher as a reader in his diocese as well as 'safeguarding' director, and he upheld her deceitful and destroying actions. He invalidated the Diocese's insurance and he lied by arranging the illegal refferal to the NSPCC in order to have something to lie to the press about helping me. What he has just done is the same sort of thing, so he hasn't learned anything, he thinks he can go on treating me this way over and over, year after year, he is mistaken, I am going to go on fighting until he leaves or he kills me, whichever comes first. But he will not use another crazy Jane to help him, unless she wants to face harassment charges for aiding the Bishop's harm to me. Lets see if we can turn the press spotlight on Dodds having to stand and stutter in court? Can I outbid the CofE's bribes?

I gather from the Bishop's drivel about being 'very concerned for me' while he publicly destroyed me through the press again.that it means what it generically means, he and Jane Dodds have been violating me or will violate me in the same way as he and Scott-Joynt and  Fisher repeatedly did. It isn't 'help' or 'care' it is cover-up, but the church has trouble distinguishing between the two. You can't destroy someone while pretending to care, that is exactly what Fisher did for years and it is still insane and to see the Bishop continuing such a horrifying fake makes me sick. The only things he can do to help is withdraw his three year attack on me and resign and make sure an investigation into what happened to me before and since he arrived is instigated, oh and he can annul his criminal whitewash report-harassment of me, all of them.

It amazes me that after all this time, the Bishop still thinks I am weak and stupid and will fall for his crap. It shows how stupid and arrogant he is, how nasty, how small, how psychopathic he is. He thinks, after all my objections, that destroying me and pretending to care still go hand in hand, in the press of course, and only with the light of the press on him. In real life he blocks my emails, puts the phone down on me, and allows whitewash reports while I am left silenced.

Be warned Dodds, I know what safeguarding means in the church of England, in the wider world we call it cover-up. Would you like to be taken to court? Leave my personal life alone, and any illegal referrals will be met with every atom of force I have. I will smash back until you leave me alone. For years Jane Fisher stalked me, violated me, broke the law and slandered me, she has left me completely isolated, humiliated, branded and unable to relate to people, so if you start doing the same, I will fight you in the same way I fought her. Rape Violations of my life do not equal help or care, they equal crime and you being a psychopathic risk to the vulnerable.

Now presumably this is to be the third week of Church Times unfettered attacks on me after they have been warned? That too will be presented to the court. Safeguarding? What a joke! Three years of completely pre-meditated and completely uncensored one-sided public attacks on a traumatised vulnerable adult with no investigation into the damage or into the abuse and misconduct, and what is coverup-Dodds doing about that? Whatever the Bishop tells her, presumably. Any friend of the Bishop's...Is a lying spineless coward, and I object to this Dodds woman being the next Jane Fisher, one was enough to leave me screaming in anguish and destroyed in endless night, why repeat it needlessly? Why? Coverup.

A final note on the new crazy Jane sidekick of the Bishop's. She is a the 'senior caseworker' for the CofE coverup crew, otherwise known as safeguarding. But her supervisor, Graham Tilby has ignored my case and my concerns solidly since I first contacted him during the press and media attack last year that felled Bob Hill. Has Tilby ever answered me? Nope, Dodds only recently got involved on behalf of the Bishop of Winchester. Safeguarding in the church remains a joke, even with liar Butler mysteriously jettisoned with a grenade up his behind. I wonder if this recent severe attack on me was his parting revenge for me wishing him good riddance because of the harm he has done to abuse victims in order to cover up for the Church? I am told that he was unable to coherently explain what his actual role in safeguarding was when asked and so it was assumed he was there to whitewash to the national inquiry.