Thursday, 7 August 2014

Repeat request

A while back I asked for help with communication and writing.

I was lucky, I got a few replies.

Including a lovely church of england chap from Jersey and a lady who said my blog was anger and allegations, I also got a complete fruitcake who claimed to be a millionaire and said he would try to get me 800,000 pounds from the church if I stopped talking about abuse! What a cracker!

I need someone to help me by hearing my full story and scribing it with me. This blog does not contain my full story, in fact it is a mess.
So far, no one has heard my full story. The church have never wanted my story at all.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

This is a job for Paul Butler

Trot Bishop Paul Butler out to be profoundly ashamed or sorry on behalf of the church.

And can anyone help my friend?

Re the illegal referral to the NSPCC by the Diocese, that Bob Hill and Julie Wallman facilitated

I know people are looking for the Letter to Sir Philip Bailhache at the moment, but I thought I would bring this to the top today, to remind the NSPCC of what happened in 2013.
The Open letter to Philip Bailhache is available here:

Regarding emails with John Cameron and Bob Hill in this post, I had had a breakdown by the time Bob was making the accusations he makes. He and Julie Wallman liased without my consent with the diocese who destroyed me, to try and have me put away under the guise of being housed by the NSPCC, Jane Fisher is the Key person responsible for destroying me, and the horror that Bob and Julie facilitated this attack on my rights and privacy and dignity remains with me, I have never really recovered, and can't, I trusted Bob Hill, and he handed me over to my destroyers as if my story was nothing, and his attitude remains the attitude you see in the email, he accuses me, as he did previously, of lying, and he slates me for not agreeing to be handed over to be incaracarated yet again with the pretence of housing me through the NSPCC.
Bob is very self righteous about helping me, but he never has, he has refused my story and rewritten it, using it as a grudge against Jersey and calling me a liar about what has happened since, rewriting my story in a style that excuses the diocese and uses the Korris rubbish which excuses Jane Fisher and Michael Scott-Joynt.
Note Bob's comments about Ian leMarquand and the States, because as I had a breakdown, Mike Higgins was inciting hatred and lies in the States and press regarding my case, instructed to do so by Bob Hill.
I was duped into this bed and breakfast situation he mentions by Julie Wallman's lies, and it nearly killed me.

From: <>
Date: Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 1:19 PM
Subject: Re: query, second email as no response so far
To: ******************************************

Good Afternoon,
Thank you for your email, apologies for the late response.

The NSPCC is a children’s charity and all of the work that we do relates to protecting children. Some of our service centres in local areas work with families to support parents however the NSPCC does not provide accommodation for adults or take referrals for an adult. If we received concerns for an adult or a family that were in need of accommodation the NSPCC would signpost them to the relevant external agencies, e.g. adult social services, charities and shelters, police etc.

For more information on  the support our service centres can provide in your local area please visit:
We hope this has been of some assistance. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind Regards
Sarah Snape
Contact Centre

On 05/08/14 11:12, *********** wrote:

Dear Sir or madam,

It has been some days since I contacted you, and I have had no response.
You are giving out the impression that you are not interested in queries.

Please could you answer my question.

Does the NSPCC, as I have heard, provide accommodation for adults.

If so, what provision is made and why, and if not, then what do they do when an adult is referred to them?


Bob Hill <>

to meJULIE
 Good Morning
Thank you for your emails. I do feel that we have reached the crossroads. You will have to vacate your digs in a week and you must decide what you want which is best for you. No one can make that decision. I have spent months trying to help and so too has Julie in more recent times but if you can not trust us there is no point in continuing our involvement.

Your reaction last week end was very hard to take because we had no idea what you had received from Winchester and that not only would you not forward the email but you accused us of betraying you.  You say you did not open the email but I question how you knew that the NCPCC was being asked to help you unless you had read the contents.

Winchester has now sent me the email and I have told them that I am very cross at the way they have acted and that they should have invited you with me/Julie to discuss how it could keep the promise given to you by John and Christine in June. Unfortunately Winchester is in a world of its own and we cannot change want they have done but we can help you to have say in what is being proposed.

There is no point in moaning about what John and Christine promised, they let us both down, but you have won a victory in that Winchester will fund you future accommodation and they will leave how it is done with you and the NSPCC who do have facilities for adults. I am sure that if you agree to work with them it will be a small step, but you must take it.

I am not going to send any more emails to you but I do want to speak to you because we need to talk to find out how we go ahead or pull up the anchor. You now have a room in which you can Skype me. I will be publishing another Blog sometime this morning on the answers Le Marquand gave in the States on Tuesday so I hope will be around most of the day.

Please let me know when would be a good time to Skype.

F.J (Bob) Hill, BEM

From: <>
Date: 18 November 2013 15:35
Subject: Winchester Diocese
To: r*********


I hope you do not mind me emailing you unannounced.  I have recently been contacted by  Jane Fisher from Winchester Dioceses.  She had concerns that you may be having some difficulties at present and seeking advice and support, she thought that we may be able to assist you in some way.

  We perhaps can arrange to meet to see how best we can support you. However  understand that you may not wish to make contact with me at this stage but should you wish to do so then please feel free to call me or email at any time.

Kind regards


John Cameron
Head of Child Protection Operations
42 Curtain Road

From: **********************************************
Date: 18 November 2013 15:45
Subject: harassment

Dear John Cameron or fake John Cameron,
whichever applies.

This email address is defunct apart from being used for a battle against the diocese of Winchester and I do not open unsolicited emails on behalf of the Diocese.

According to you email address you are from the nspcc, and the online reports show that there is such a person, but there is no guaruntee you are genuine and not a fake, and no reason whatsoever for such a person to contact me and the more I receive emails on behalf of that vile corporation the more furious I am, and they know it, so desist or I will include you in the harrasment complaint.
Emails regarding that vile corporation are to go via Bob Hill, now desist.

From: *********************************************
Date: 19 November 2013 10:30
Subject: formal complaint

Good morning,

The Diocese of Winchester who destroyed me for being an abuse victim who spoke up, have been harassing me, and yesterday started using one of your employees, John Cameron, to harass me.

There are no children involved in this dispute, thus Mr Cameron's violation of my life and privacy is ludicrous and inappropriate, and is to stop.


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Visitor from Ireland, if your Vicar is hurting you, speak to the diocese or Bishop, speak to someone about it, or if all else fails, find another church, some churches and priests are just the wrong fit.

Another Bishop Arrested

With historic abuse allegations, they often interview rather than arrest, so don't let the church trivialize this.