Thursday, 23 November 2017

Jersey Safeguarding Partnership

Dear Debbie Key,

More than a year ago I made a serious formal complaint about your failed and disgraced safeguarding partnership harassing, bullying and trolling me over your whitewash report, encouraged to troll and bully me by conflicted church member Ian Gorst.

I have not had a proper response.

I have watched as your failed and disgraced safeguarding partnership have been repeatedly slated for their failures, especially by Jersey Care Inquiry, and I have watched while Ian Gorst has spent 35 thousand pounds of tax payers money on learning how to do a fake apology in time for the release of the care inquiry report, how terrible, why wasn't that money used to set up a proper safeguarding regulator in Jersey? What he did was basically the same tactic as the church of england, rather than spending money on helping victims, he uses that money to try to make himself and the States look good, which is despicable.
Gorst is neither a Christian nor an honest man, nor is he a good politician, and he has acted with open bias in my case and at my expense, to prevent impartial investigation and he has made every effort to destroy me through trying to force the release of the openly conflicted Steel whitewash and your whitewash, unfortunately the care inquiry was a waste of money while people like Gorst, who is a sock puppet to the Godless psychopathic dictator Bailhache Brothers remains, those brothers  who themselves would be in prison if they weren't legally trained, and things aren't going to change until the light of integrity is shone on matters like these, and those men are stripped of their undeserved honours and removed, but while your sefeguarding partnership has a track record of being complicit and failing utterly, that looks unlikely.

Remember, none of the high profile abusers or abuser protectors connected with the states of Jersey have yet been held to account or charged, some of them remain in power. Now what is delaying you on acting upon this, or even acting upon Philip Bailhache's open criminal behaviour which neither Ian Gorst nor the church of england have dealt with, and because there is no safeguarding in the Jersey Deanery or indeed in Jersey, no restrictions have been placed on Bailhache, he was promoted to external affairs minister by Gorst immediately after his witnessed and evidenced lawbreaking, and instead of acting, you terrorized and threatened me over your whitwash report. The work of the care inquiry will be wasted unless you change, and unless the States of Jersey changes dramatically.
I remain harmed by your and their abuse of me, and there has been no inquiry into my case or what I experienced, now when will you address this matter?

Graham Tilby whimpered about how he didn't dare to stand up to the massive interconflicted abusive mess of church, states, judiciary and Deanery, and was going to leave me to suffer as well, he also whimpered about how he would 'have to go through Elaine Rose' to deal with you.
Elaine Rose has not at any point had my consent to be involved in my case, she has a formal complaint against her which the cowardly snivelling Tilby refuses to deal with, you need to deal with Rose's misconducts in my case and her and Trevor Willmott's lies and illegal behaviour, because Tilby is afraid for himself if he stands up to any of the lawless and sadistic people involved in my case, and he has excused all of them at my expense and condoned the illegal and abusive harm to me. Tilby's job and position are of no worth, he doesn't safeguard, he doesn't protect victims, he protects abusers and snivels and hides, but you are responsible for any intervention by Elaine Rose, Trevor Wilmott, Justin Welby or anyone else conflicted who has abused their power or broken the law in my case to protect the church, police, states or any wrongdoer. Remember, from start to finish, my consent was never given and never will be. I don't consent to being abused. 

Glenys Johnstone and Stuart Gull were quite open in discrediting me and carrying out a swift whitewash in liaison with John Cameron and Jane Fisher in order to protect all wrongdoers and before even considering token contact with me, and you should, by now, have ensured that those people have been removed from ever working with the vulnerable, especially after Stuart Gull's horrific lie to the press and media that my abuser had no case to answer. Why was the abuser's enhanced CRB marked for what he admitted then? The fact that I wouldn't engage with Jersey police in 2013 after their violence, consistent misconduct and dishonesty from 2008 to 2010 does not mean that the abuser has no case to answer, it means that the police contacting me in 2013 without apology or responsibility for their harm to me was a traumatic misconduct and inexcusable. The abuser did have a case to answer but the police should have taken it seriously in 2008 instead of destroying me for the church.

The trauma that you have caused by forcibly carrying out the whitewash on behalf of these wrongdoers and attempting to force it upon me has not gone away, and never will, but you have yet to issue an apology, a redaction, and proceedings against those who instigated, influenced and attempted to force my agreement to the whitewash report.
What you did last year was effectively an attempt on my life, and was nearly successful, where is the investigation into that?

What is delaying your action, considering the level of trauma to me?
No consent was given by me for the report, for the excusing of the police's very serious harm to me, or any actions to do with that report, especially not the church of england and conflicted States and police members' access to that report or influence of it, considering the way those people behaved towards me and the fact that there has been no investigation into their actions regarding my case.

By now, as a safeguarding partnership, you should have launched investigations and action against the conflicted dignitaries and police and church members, and their abuse of power and the press and media, but as yet, you have done nothing about the harm to me, and have left me suffering and traumatized.

Make sure you respond to the formal complaint made last year, and that you start action for data protection breaches and abuse of power by Elaine Rose, Trevor Willmott, Tim Dakin, Justin Welby, Matthew Price, Jane Fisher, Jackie Rowlands, Stuart Gull, Peter Hancock, John Cameron, Ian Gorst, Philip Bailhache, the police, your safeguarding board, Glenys Johnstone if she isn't already in prison for her multiple crimes in Jersey and Northern Ireland, and all others involved.

You have failed to safeguard me and failed to act upon serious and criminal wrongdoing against me that includes your safeguarding partnership, and you have seriously harmed me, what exactly is the delay in your actions for?

Please don't waste any more of my life on your serious misconduct and harm to me through your whitewash and terrorization of me over your whitewash at the behest of the sadistic church, states and police. Your falsehood report, done for the abusers, the church and police, is as serious a safeguarding failure as possible, and has been part of the very serious misconducts that has destroyed me. It is inexcusable and the damage you have done by acting to protect the interests of the inter-conflicted church, police and states is very serious and far-reaching. It is not at all surprising that the news headlines were that children in Jersey were still at risk.
Until a neutral safeguarding body is created, and those named above and your safeguarding partnership are made accountable, children and the vulnerable will remain at risk.
In this day and age, using a 'serious case review' as a tool to destroy a vulnerable adult for her abusers is a horrific abuse of power, no such report should ever have been created by and influenced by a conflicted safeguarding partnership and conflicted wrongdoers, something like that, a falsehood report treated as fact to cover up for wrongdoers and destroy a victim, should not be allowed to happen, and every single person involved should be dismissed and have their enhanced CRB checks marked.

As yet in the million pound Winchester and Jersey Whitewash, there hasn't been any form of investigation or report into what happened to me in Jersey or before and after, and instead I have endured years of being publicly destroyed, which you failed to stop.
Make sure that there is an independent inquiry into all of this.

You have only ever failed victims, you are not fit for purpose, but what you have done to me is far more serious, and your delay in dealing with it is even more serious, in the meantime Trevor Wilmott's fake safeguarding campaign reached a new low, installing a 'safeguarding rector' another non-neutral cover up person, like sticking a band aid on a gunshot wound, when he has stated to the press and media that he thinks a three year hate and smear campaign against a victim without her experiences being recorded or investigated, constitutes good safeguarding.


JJ/HG - victim of serious misconduct by Jersey safeguarding partnership