Saturday, 5 October 2013

yesses and no's

  • no, the police, the church of england and anyone connected with them are not to contact me.
  • yes I will go mad every time they do.
  • no, there is no genuine inquiry into my complaints
  • yes the diocese and their 'enquiries' are a lie.
In the end of my days in Winchester before I was driven out by Jane Fisher, I phoned the diocese many times and asked for Jane Fisher to be withdrawn from my life.
This was used against me by Jane Fisher and claimed to be harrassment.
How ridiculous is it that she was able to go on and on harming me behind my back and without my permission and yet she got me done for protesting.
And yet, the police treated me as mad and refused my complaint against her!

This is how this whole thing has been. One-sided, I have been treated as mad and bad and branded, while Fisher remains free to destroy vulnerable people.

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