Thursday, 12 June 2014


Anyone who wonders.
Yes I was deported in my pyjamas.

I was arrested in my pyjamas, having just got up, I was already in shock from the whole situation, especially Anne being seriously ill in hospital and the Bishop being with the Dean and his wife but refusing to do anything about their behaviour and instead violating my relationship with the priests who were helping me.

I was wearing my pyjamas which consisted of dark blue tracksuit bottoms, a blue polo top and because I was shocked and cold, I was wearing an old blue jumper on top, I was not wearing a bra as I was in pyjamas.
What Bob described as 'tatty trainers' was not the case, it was soft black house shoes, not designed for walking outdoors, and they were worn through the soles anyway.
And yes, I ended up on the street in these same clothes.

In prison they took my clothes to wash at some point, gave me a prison tracksuit and then returned my clothes, not appearing to notice that I had no bra, so I was back in my own clothes most of the time, pyjamas, no bra, which meant when I was asked if I would go to the gymn, I had to say no, but it still wasn't noticed.

And I was deported and left homeless in my pyjamas, no bra, which, even though no one seemed to notice, was embarrassing for me.

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