Friday, 13 June 2014

emails between me and JM, November 2007, refuting the church smears again

Revd ***************** (revdj***************)


To: *********************

Dear ********,
Come back whenever you want to, you are always welcome.
Sorry about the dentist, but I love the definition!
We have been having fun here – we had St ***********s patronal; festival evensong last Sunday, where I dedicated the new pulpit and lectern falls etc sewn by Anne W and the rest of the sewing group, and tow wafer boxes given in memory of Jenny Parsons. Earlier in the day the heating had failed, so we had brought in electric radiators, fan heaters etc, to provide some warmth. The just as I was about to bless the gifts, the trip switch went off and plunged us all into darkness. I just stood where I was (preferable to falling over something or someone), and said ‘I think we must have overloaded the circuit’ in a rather lame way. People soon produced torches and we switched off some of the heaters, and they reset the trip, but we now have to have the electrician to rewire the junction box, as well as the gasman to fix the boiler – I can feel a Flanders and Swan coming on! Fortunately we have not burnt the church down!
Must dash, I have a baptism visit to do,
See you soon, take care,
To: Revd *****************

Can I come back soon,

I need solitaire.

Been to the dentist, thats the place where they charge the earth to torture you.

Been dog walking on the beach today, very wet, been helping dad build trolley last night.



From: revd***************

Subject: RE: ohhumpf

Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 22:30:02 +0000
Hi ******,
I am delighted that you have found another job so soon, but sorry that you are on antibiotics once again. You are always in my prayers.

From: *************************
Sent: 22 November 2007 15:45
To: Revd *******************
Subject: RE: ohhumpf
Yes it was the new one, but I got a good payout, and have found another job.

I am still sick, but I am on antibiotics, very tired and dizzy. Back in work next week.

Please pray especially for one of my frienships as well.


God bless, 



From: revd**************
To: *******************

Subject: RE: ohhumpf

Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 11:50:20 +0000
Dear *****,
I am so sorry, have you been made redundant from the old job or the new one? Surley it cannot be the new one as they have only just appointed you and wouldn’t be giving you a good payout.
I am also sorry that you are not well, I know the feeling at the moment and can truly empathise – especially if you have one of these wretched viruses that seem to be afflicting us all at the moment.
Are there many jobs available over there?
Take care, I am thinking of you and praying for you.

From: *********************
Sent: 19 November 2007 11:24
To: mad vicar
Subject: ohhumpf
Hi *****,
are you there?

Please pray for me, made redundant, also quite ill physically.

All well apart from that. Good payout. Good parents. Good tea.





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