Monday, 9 June 2014


  • I went to Jersey to live, with great anxiety as it was a completely new start and I had no money to start with, no money to even return to the UK if it went wrong early on, which could happen to anyone.
  • One of the reasons I went, interestingly enough, was to get some space from the Lihous, and people in their church who wanted to send me to a community and things because of my 'disability', now, having already been sent to a community aged 20, by JM and having benefitted nothing from it and seen it could not help me because I was autistic, I did not want to be sent to a community or to continue to have the Lihous closely involved.
  • However, Jill Lihou wanted to still be involved and tried, without my permission to get me to have my post forwarded to her daughter and son in law's church, she said her daughter had agreed, but she failed to note that I hadn't and that I actually had a home to have post sent to. She also for some reason, wanted me to 'go and see her family' at their church, as she said that both the Warrens, her daughter and son in law who run St. Matthews and St. Lawrence, and the Honours, her daughter and son in law who run a church in Guernsey, would be at St. Matthews. Jill failed to understand when I said her family didn't want to know me, and continued to tell me I could see them. Jill and George's family had not wanted Jill to claim I was 'part of the family' and had never agreed with it, and I had responded to that and their advice about me to the Lihous behind my back by agreeing that I was not family and wanted space from the Lihous and their family, which Jill never accepted.

  • So, I arrived in Jersey wounded, needing space. And at first there was space, glorious space, space to go down to the beaches, to explore, to look at the views, to dance to music alone in the house, to stand outside in the dark lane and marvel at the dark.
  • But many many times, just as I had had premonition before moving to Jersey, I had premonition that things were going to be serious, and because I am autistic and a bit wierd, I did wonder if it was to do with the scaremongering that Jill and George Lihou had brought from Jersey to our church in Hampshire. 
  • Jill and George used to come back from Jersey telling the church meetings that 'There were Satanists in Jersey, praying for the breakup of clergy marriages'. 
  • Now this, at the time when I was still indoctrinated and a sheeple, to a certain extent, seemed really serious, really horrifying and dramatic. And other people in the prayer meetings used to pray and pray and do all sorts of commanding and speaking in tongues.
  • But, because I was never a complete sheeple, I spoke to my dad about it, and he explained to me that real Satanists would not be praying for the breakup of clergy marriages.
  • While in Jersey and at St. Matthews church, I found a book, these words were in the book 'There are Satanists in the USA, praying for the breakup of clergy marriages'. So at last I knew where the propaganda came from, but horrifyingly, this was a 'Christian' book, and the words had been transferred and used in Jersey and beyond, to scare and stir emotion, horrifying what the church can do and get away with. 
  • And this is what can happen and harm vulnerable people. There undoubtedly are Satanists in Jersey, there is a nasty nasty undercurrent there, there is a Statue of the Devil preserved there and you will NEVER hear a member of clergy of church laity condemn the fact that that Statue is preserved and is a Jersey landmark, but there are no Satanists wasting their time and energy on breaking up clergy marriages, that is just a nasty, manipulative scare tactic, which can affect and frighten vulnerable people. And that is one thing that is prevelant in Church of England churches, and very prevelant in the Jersey CofE charismatic churches.
  • Other books in that church included a 'Christian' book teaching a lesson about how a church woman was raped by a church man, and how it was all alright in the end because she forgave him, she didn't report him but 'because she forgave him' it was alright when she saw him chatting and laughing with people in church. It is absolutely horrifying to think that so many people do not question, as I have learned to, but follow blindly what they are told. 

  • So, my coming to Jersey was already overshadowed by the Lihou-Warren-Honour charismatic-culty-church issues, and so the Lihous and Warrens are not separate from the Jersey matter nor in the past of it, they are part of it and they are part of the damage to me, and continued to be.
  • I had a lovely first summer in Jersey, I had a lovely job, with employers who put up with errors by me and were kind. Unfortunately they were directly connected to the church where I was abused, but that will be explained another time. It is a small island, and if you make one powerful enemy, you may as well flee or die, for all your life can be worth if you make the wrong enemies, you can lose everyone and everything through interconnection, the same can be said to a certain extent of the Church of England, if you report one, you could end up blacklisted by all, as I have. But...I would rather be blacklisted by the Church of England than included, because they have lost sight of God, and that is apparent in the way I am being mercilessly destroyed.

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