Thursday, 12 June 2014

Answer to Request -chronology

  • 1981 Born, home Birth, not correctly registered
  • 1981-1998 grew up in travelling cult society that was opposed to all authorities especially schools, social services and the medical profession.
  • 1998 left home with no understanding of how to live in the real word, vulnerable, hostile from years of violence, and struggled to fit in at college.
  • 1999 passed first year of college successfully and was put on a course level that was too high for me for the next academic year.
  • Christmas 2000, dropped out of college, struggling too much on a course I was not ready for, and was thus homeless and reliant on a low income of income support.
  • February 2001, JM's husband finally agreed to her wish to have me to stay with them until I could find a suitable home. JM's husband, FM abused me while I was vulnerable on anti-depressants and reacting badly to them.
  • March 2001, JM left me in a 'community' in Dorset, where I was overlooked and lost and wandered off, no-one acknowledged me and I knew I had no place there, as I had no ability to be in such a community.
  • March 2001, a huge row broke out over the abuse, I asked to leave the house and JM put me in a bed and breakfast while we waited for my place at the sheltered house to come up.
  • Easter 2001, moved to the sheltered house.
  • Summer 2001, moved from the sheltered house to the flat
  • Summer 2001, took a work placement
  • Autumn 2001, returned to the college part time
  • Winter 2001, started work
  • Winter 2001, moved to the bedsit nearer to work
  • 2001-2003 lived and worked independently in that town
  • 2003, returned to Winchester to live and work
  • 2003-2005, took a tied cottage  job, first of 2
  • 2005, took second tied cottage job.
  • Autumn 2006-Summer 2007, returned to college full time and completed the course I had had to leave previously, with top grades
  • Summer 2007, moved to Jersey to work in what was supposed to be a summer job before going to the grape harvest in France and onwards.
  • Autumn 2007, persuaded to stay on by the churchwarden in Jersey.
  • Winter 2007, churchwarden moved me to his home, against his wife's wishes, abuse already starting but I was not really realising that.
  • Winter 2007-spring 2008, sexual and emotional abuse left me ill and upset, as evidenced in emails, 
  • Spring 2008, moved to lodgings, not a safe or healthy lodgings, churchwarden and his wife continued to hurt me
  • Summer/Autumn 2008, increasingly concerned about what had gone on and the hint that the churchwarden has misbehaved elsewhere a number of times, I looked at reporting him, I was devastated and psychologically harmed by having been regressed and abused when the churchwarden had called me his 'daughter' and I thought I had found the family I had prayed for, but instead had been abused and left alone, regressed and very damaged by this regression which the churchwarden referred to as healing, because my original childhood meant that regressing me to childhood again as he did, was very dangerous, and, believe me it did mad things to my head. If anyone wonders why I went mad, that is why. I was put back in the land of shadows.
to be continued when I can cope.

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