Tuesday, 10 June 2014

After Winchester 2011

  • The CofE are reading all this and making sure no-one corroberates my story. That would be funny wouldn't it? To think a church can be that dishonest to save their skins.

  • Most of my Story from October 2011 to Now, is in print on this blog lifeafterthediocese.blogspot.co.uk This blog is a merge of  'Wanderer' blog and the newer 'Life after the Diocese blog, and goes back to 2011. There are complex parts that are not included in great detail on this, about the struggles I had to get help from medical and homeless services, and how I ended up unable to get the help I needed and being a fugitive and misunderstood and villified due to the record I was given, I will write about these in more depth later on.
  • My other blog 'Homeless' is back online for the first time since 2012, but I will only be making posts visible again gradually to make sure it is all censored and suitable for the now general public who read my blogs rather than the select few who used to read it in 2011/12, currently only 4 posts from 2011 are visible http://thisishomecoming.blogspot.co.uk/ I will be working to liberate posts on this blog for reading.

  • London, Summer 2011. I remained without help and very traumatized, I went into an NHS trauma clinic in Camden and was told that they had over a year's waiting list and referrals were supposed to be through a doctor, but my experience so far with my doctor and the maudsley didn't give me any hope of referral, so that was not an option, and basically, I didn't think I was going to last another few months, let alone a year, I was profoundly traumatized and without hope.
  • Completely hopeless on the streets, I did not give up looking for help, ever, even though I was usually turned away and fobbed off, because they only have to look you up when you are on the system, and you are rubbished and turned away, anyway, I made contact with a trauma charity, who were worse than useless, they are called 'Assist' and I would not reccomend you contact them in distress.
  • Assist, after failing to understand me, told me that I should go to casualty, this gets a bit sickening after a while, it is NOT a good response to anyone, and someone needs to educate all these people that sending people to waste casualty's time.
  • Anyway, this was a time when, in the terrible state I was in, and with the flaming brand of serious mental illness by the Diocese, going so deep, that I had started to believe it again, as I did in Jersey, I went to casualty.
  • I went to casualty one evening, and I was terrified by a man there who was seriously mentally ill, and although he had got himself to casualty, he was going mad.
  • I guess all the people who incorrectly told me to go to casualty didn't think I would be a waste of time in a place where there were people who were really in need of help.
  • The incident of the man going mad and having to be sedated, shocked me and worsened the fear and trauma, seeing this man forcibly restrained reminded me of the diocese making me out to be like him and wanting the same treatment for me.
  • I was in casualty until the early hours, they could not help me as they said I was not mentally ill, and of course, as ever, I was not going to be needlessly further detained and traumatized by admitting to being suicidal.

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