Monday, 9 June 2014

Jersey -connections from the beginning

  • When I went to Jersey, I did know people there but did not go there because I knew anyone there, I needed space, I needed a progression from college and into the world travelling that I hoped to do.
  • I was offered a job in Jersey and decided that was an ideal step into world travel, as it would be easy enough to get home, and language wasn't a problem.
  • I knew my old landlady/friend's family at St. Brelades, and I knew of, the Warren family from the Lihous.
  • I didn't know that the interconnections in the little Island of Jersey were problematic to anyone who ended up the wrong side of anyone in power.
  • Right from the start the interconnections were there. The family I worked for, who had made a fortune in the horticulture business, before closing down because it was no longer profitable, were connected to the church where the churchwarden abused me, members of that family were generous supporters of that church.
  • My first landlord was a churchgoer, not in the same denomination, but nonetheless, all churches in that island are interconnected. But he was also friends with people from the churchwarden's church, close friends of his, his partner's and the churchwarden and his wife. So, the last time I spoke to my old landlord was when he was at Southampton hospital and I was having to have a break from Jersey due to the distress of the abuse and police inquiry in 2008, he then pointedly ignored me in the street every time he saw me, even if I said hello, and Jane Fisher, as usual tried to tell me I was paranoid and had not been slandered.
  •  Imagine the psychological damage of someone like Jane Fisher, on the mainland, not having to live in this uncomfortable environment and calling you insane and untruthful when you tell her you are suffering, safeguarding????
This was a 10 minute post so I will stop now.

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