Thursday, 12 June 2014

Jersey 2007-2008 the signs that passed by

The signs that Jersey was not such a good and wholesome place:
  • It is amazing how naive people can be, when all the signs are there that things are not quite alright.

  • I remember so much that could have told me that Jersey was not a good place for a poor and vulnerable person to choose to settle and live.

  • I mean I knew about the work and residency rules, that meant that hundreds of immigrants were living in very poor conditions and being paid badly, and I lived in some unacceptable conditions and was treated as an animal who was not allowed any privacy, my posessions rifled through by various squalid lodging providers.
  • I knew about how the psychological services refused to provide help for people with autism, and I was in the papers and the press protesting about that. 

  • I knew about Trevor and Shona being made to unfairly suffer about the voting matter, and I knew about the friend of the Dean's who was also in trouble over voting.
  • I knew about the horrible letters I sometimes saw in the JEP, and I remember asking the churchwarden why people were writing things like that.
  • I knew early on about the building and bribery racket that went on, that was one of the first things I heard about Jersey, before I lived there, from Heather Warren's parents, and increasingly, especially in 2010, when I used to have coffee with the ex-policeman, the extent of the corruption.

  • I remember when Haute de la Garenne news broke, and how the churchwarden was absolutely riveted by the news and would not leave the television.
  • I remember Stuart Syvret and Frank Walker arguing, and all the media fuss, and how Stuart was villified, so credibly that I thought he was just causing trouble, until someone told me he was only slated because he spoke out and spoke up and brought things to light - that shows not only how people can be misled, but also that there are people in Jersey who know that things are wrong behind the scenes.
  • In my own case, I had no idea just how much behind the scenes had gone on to destroy and discredit and dispose of me, until the Korris rubbish caused scandal in Jersey and for me to be villified and discredited again.

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