Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Spiritual Abuse Survivors Network

As regular readers may be aware, I have been seeking help and support for recovery from spiritual abuse in the Church and in my upbringing.

There is very little practical or therapeutic help available in the UK that focuses on Spiritual abuse, but in my internet search, I came across The Spiritual Abuse Survivors Network, which is pretty awesome, so I have put a link in my 'survivors links' in the blog sidebar.

The Network supports and encourages bloggers who write about their experience of spiritual abuse, and to me, this is amazing! Other people blogging about the same things as me! :)

Here is a blog list:

The Network is another example of giving a voice to the voiceless and thus helping people to heal by being able to speak out and share their experience, their trauma, to enable them to start healing and sharing the load.

This is an introduction to the Spiritual Abuse Survivors Network

Spiritual abuse goes deep, if you grow up with it as I have, it affect how you relate to the world in adulthood, and as an adult, it can break you, as the Church of England's abuse of me has.

I found this post interesting because of the link between my parents' strict religion and their teaching us at home and being set against schools and other 'authorities'

And this blog is pretty famous

Found this in a separate search

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