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Brief notes on my lodgings in Jersey St Lawrence 1

  • July 2007 - September/October 2007 -apologies if the pictures don't load, technical problem.

  • St. Lawrence. Well my first lodgings were in St.Lawrence, I had a nice yellow attic room in the roof of the bungalow, it was cheerful and looked out on the garden, but I was not allowed to lock the room when I was out, and the landlord would go in there and hoover if he wanted to.
  • However, I would lock myself in at night.
  • The other problem was, no real furniture apart from the bed and bedside, so I had to keep my things in the containers they came in.
  • The rent was high, but the man didn't normally take lodgers, and this was a summer arrangement because he knew my employers. 

  • I had my own bathroom there, which was helpful. and while the landlord was out, which was most nights, I could use his study as my sitting room, and watch my DVDs.
  • My memories of the early days there, alone in the dark countryside, were blissful, I used to dance along to the sound track of 'Mean Girls' and then go out and stand in the lane in the pitch black night and think how utterly awesome it was. I am listening to my Jersey sound track as I write this, and here are two of the songs that remind me of that much craved solitude as I licked my wounds from George and Jill and my battle to get through college, ill health and debt
  • and don't take that the wrong way, it reminds me of the solitude, and the excitement of travel and Jersey and not knowing what was next. Most of all, the solitude and the travel.
  • Reminds me vaguely of George and Jill
Jersey War Tunnels were a few minutes from us

  • The man I lodged with at St. Lawrence was ok most of the time, he could be very nice, and generous with sharing tea and cake, good for a chat about life, but he was a bit eccentric too, he was also greiving and would suddenly start sobbing for his wife who died a year before, and he could throw tantrums with other people too.
  • The only time he threw a tantrum with me was towards the end of my stay with him, and by then, the churchwarden was always looking for excuses for me to stay over with them, so that tantrum was an excuse he used.
  • It was one morning before work, I was still in bed and my car was parked where I was always instructed to park it, in front of the garage where my landlord kept his spare Mercedes that he rarely used as he had a mercedes he used every day.
  • He came crashing on my door, startling me awake and yelling how my car was blocking him in when he wanted his spare mercedes. 
  • I was very startled, especially as he was being so rude for no reason.
  • So I told the churchwarden, who got me to go and stay over with them for a few days.
  • And we started looking for a new home and job for me as the churchwarden wanted me to stay on the Island.
  • The churchwarden told me that my landlord was well known in the island for his behaviour. Which is quite funny to remember, considering the churchwarden's own behaviour, but the difference between the churchwarden and the landlord is the churchwarden had the right connections, the landlord was only an ex-postal worker. Both the churchwarden and the landlord were very Jersey-eccentric. I wonder why Bob Hill isn't like that?

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