Monday, 9 June 2014

After Winchester 2011

  • I fled Winchester in early Summer 2011, having been defamed, villified, separated from my friends, humiliated, shunned, violated, having had my rights, dignity, privacy and the data protection act breached by the Diocese through all services in Winchester, I was completely and utterly flogged, heartbroken and unable to understand why I was not allowed to escape the Diocese.
  • The amount of people and agencies who I turned to and begged for help, who turned me away is incredible, the Diocese and the record they got me and their powerful voice against my weak one, which the Diocese pronounced as mental illness rather than a legitimate cry for help and protection, is horrendous.
  • I went to, or contacted the police for help a number of times, and they treated me as mad, and instead, they had me brutalized and detained for the diocese, and continued to refuse my complaint against the Diocese, this is a terrible miscarriage of justice, and it has left a massive psychological wound.
  • Leaving Winchester did not take away the record the Diocese gave me, or the shame, and as a result, I remained homeless, and continued to be 'caught up with' because of my records, wherever I went, and condemned and treated badly, a completely one-sided record that, for me, as I had no self esteem anyway, ripped me apart, anyone else would have committed suicide in this bleak trap, but I bloodymindedly fought on with my life, until, as I started to recover and rebuild, the diocese once again, and publicly this time, forced into my life, had me villified and ruined, and left me shattered and destroyed, with no possibility of them making it two sided and giving me a voice, and so they plan to do the same yet again, and again, unless, before they kill me, someone actually stops them.
  • A classic massive wound among the many, in 2010/2011, was when someone thought it would be a good idea for me to apply to a woman's refuge, and as usual I was more than happy to be obliging and try. The woman's refuge were initially polite and helpful and told me they thought they could help. Then they spoke to the council and the Bishop's nightmare shelter who I had been slandered to, and they were rude to me, made me out to be an abuser who harassed people and thus would be a danger to the women in their shelter, and tried to tell me, as the CAB did, to go to my doctor, not a single person who fobbed me off this way would take into account that I saw my doctor regularly and was not considered mentally ill or dangerous, not a single person took my story, they just condemned me on weight of what the Diocese said.
  • Basically I was left damned as an abuser, no one was told my side or that I was abused or autistic, they were just told the Diocese's side, while FM, who had abused me and was provided for, housed, and not publicly villified by the Diocese, laughed at me in the street with other church members.
  • I was not allowed to be a vulnerable abuse survivor and get help and be protected or even housed without the Diocese's condemnation following me. I was branded and condemned.
  • Now if you expect someone to behave normally with the full weight of the damage I suffered in Jersey and Winchester, to behave ok and normally, to behave ok regressed, abused, condemned, invalidated, brutalized, violated, laughed at by abusers, you expect too much. No human being would be able to be ok and normal after that, especially not one with autism and severe trauma, voiceless and being made to continue to suffer. 
  • And so my actions and reactions would continue to be used against me by the Diocese, in a vicious endless cycle of condemnation, reaction and further condemnation, no sign whatsoever of Christianity from the Diocese. It will be years, if ever, if I recover.
  • The doctor at the homeless centre in Winchester told me I would probably recover in two or three years, now that was in 2010, before several more brutalizations and detentions by the police, continued harm by the diocese, a few years of homelessness and the horrific last 15 months. If the Diocese don't stop soon, then I will not recover in another three years, I will be dead, and what they have done will affect me profoundly for a very long time if I live.
  • Can anyone see the issue between the public apologies and the vicious underhand campaign of destroyal of me and self-protection that they carried out in Winchester? Which has not been examined by any 'safeguarding investigation', interesting isn't it? No investigation into any of that, because the key player is the person behind the catastrophic mess of the Diocese and Deanery war, to protect her own hide. Jane Fisher, the woman who had me destroyed, while all the time pretending to care.

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