Sunday, 8 June 2014

A decade

Yes I am partially back on my feet.

It took me a decade to really realise that God was not in the Church of England and that they were not in God.

A decade, of abuse and abuses, a decade of seeing wrong things and being indignant but not realising that the whole system is bad.

A decade that has damaged me to extremes.

I pray for any other vulnerable people who are slow at realising the harm they are suffering, and who end up damaged. I pray that they see the light.

I pray for any victim of a church-state setup, especially those in Ireland who were enslaved and abused in mainly Catholic schemes such as the Magdalene laundries and the industrial schools and Catholic-run orphanages and schools, especially as seeking justice and redress has been so prevented by the power that the church held.

The spiritual damage of people using God's Name while abusing their power is horrendous.

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