Monday, 9 June 2014


I have decided to look at putting my 'Homeless' blog back online.
'Homeless' is not the same blog as 'The Wanderer' which was merged with 'Life After The Diocese'

Life after the Diocese goes back to October 2011 and so covers two years on the streets as well as my learning to live indoors.

But 'Homeless' which is quoted and copied onto this blog a lot, deals with a lot of the background struggles to do with church and family.
Homeless may be re-introduced a few posts at a time, as it is a big blog and I need to vet what goes back online.

I am already hitting a problem publishing homeless, all the posts are reverted to draft, and when I publish them, they come up with today's date and not the original 2011, 2012 dates.

'Homeless' is now back online, but with only 4 posts at the moment. I will be working through the other posts and making sure they are suitable to publish.

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