Monday, 9 June 2014

Homeless Spikes

A lot of fuss is being made about anti-rough sleeper spikes in London.

This is interesting, because for a long time in London, councils have had a policy, especially at Waterloo, of hosing down rough sleepers and their posessions, which is inhumane and very cruel. If you are homeless, you need to keep as warm and dry as possible, and you own very little and need what you own, in Waterloo, they hose the homeless and their posessions down to get rid of them, with no concern whatsoever for the health and welfare of those human beings they are treating like animals.

On the streets of London, if you end up cold and wet, you are much less likely to find a warm place or any help to dry out and get warm, it is harsh, let me tell you that from experience.

But this never causes outrage on the news.

With the spikes, anyone can outwit those, by making a bed out of pallets, yes, it can be done, you can put pallets on those spikes, and there are pallets around, sleep on the spikes just to annoy the people who placed them.

I am not sure the Tesco windowsill ones are anti-homelss, just anti-anyone, anti-gang, etc.

But, these spikes are a hazard to the general public, especially children.

Who will be first to sue? :)

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