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Lodgings St.Brelade Sept-November 2007

  • The churchwarden's son was in the RAF, and he and his family had a tiny house in St. Brelade but they lived mainly in a huge RAF house in Belgium at the time. They were away there while I was looking for new lodgings, so I was offered the chance to house sit for a few weeks.
  • I was delighted, imagine escaping a rather anxiety-ridden situation alone in a house with an unpredictable man, to a whole empty house alone, with sattelite tv! 

  • By now the churchwarden and his wife had known me for a few months and obviously didn't consider me to be mad and bad, but wanted me to stay on the island and settle, as did the Vicar and his wife, with a few added 'prophecies' about how God wanted me to settle.
  • I think if I had been mad and bad, they would have known by now instead of leaving me alone in charge of a house, just as George and Jill used to and other people in George and Jill's church used to have me house sitting while they were on holiday.
  • So I stayed in the son and daughter in law's house and wondered if we were breaking Jersey residency rules by doing this.

  • The churchwarden was very loving and intimate by now, he used to upset his wife by picking me up off the ground to hug me, and I had no idea he was doing wrong by doing this, until Philip LeClaire told me in 2008. The good thing about Philip was that his own behaviour was impeccable and he knew and told me about physical boundaries, which was a tremendous help to me to prevent further abuse, what he told me was what I should have known naturally or been taught as I grew up but wasn't because of the environment I grew up in.
  • The churchwarden took me sailing at this time and talked about how he and the vicar and his wife had been talking and hoped to find me a job and a home. The churchwarden was still too close to the boundaries during sailing
  • He groped me when I was at his son's house, and when I told him off, he sat down and prayed.

Fishermaens chapel, St Brelade. 

  • George and Jill came to the Island during this time and I was due a trip back to Hampshire, and they came to meet me and the churchwarden, who cuddled me posessively throughout, and then when the churchwarden had gone, they bored me with their boasting, and hijacked my trip to Hampshire by getting me to go and stay with them , I was not assertive, so my trip home was ruined and I missed out on time with other friends.
  • Shortly after returning from Hampshire, it was time for me to move as the churchwarden's son and his family were home.
  • I went to stay briefly with a church friend of the churchwarden, her lodger was away for a few weeks and she said she would take me for that time.
  • It was a bit of a culture shock. She was not the type of church person I was used to at all. It sounds harsh, but it was hard to see her face because she wore so much makeup, she was a recent convert of the churchwarden's, and it seemed church was a social thing for her, she spent most of her time in bed when she wasn't at work or church, and she wasn't nice, or even friendly, just scary, and she complained when I bumped my door. I didn't want to be there, it was not home, it was not nice.
  • I had a second trip back to the UK during this time,
  • And then, presumably in November, I went to stay with the churchwarden and his wife, while we looked for other lodgings for me.
  • The churchwarden wanted me to simply live with them, permenantly, but his wife did not, she was adamant that I was there temporarily until I found lodgings, but he said she would 'get used to having me around' and he told me he had a dream about me having a key to the front door, and that it was a prophetic dream.

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