Friday, 9 May 2014

Statement about the Archbishop's interview


I am writing in response to the Archbishop's statement on BBC Jersey.

I have to say, and it is the opinion of others too. That the Archbishop didn't seem to have a point to his interview, and thus I wonder why he agreed to an interview.

The closest that myself and others could come to a point in his interview was that he appeared to be trying to say everyone in the matter is just fine.

How very confusing. I would disagree with him.

He praises and upholds Bishop Dakin, who launched the public attack on the Jersey Deanery with the Korris report, an inaccurate and inadequate report into the matters that occurred around the churchwarden abusing me, and he thus caused the reaction of anger and rebellion in the Jersey Deanery, which was completely avoidable and at the same time caused me severe harm on top of the damage already done.

If I was Archbishop Welby, I wouldn't be saying that Tim Dakin was great and did well.

Because all that Bishop Dakin has achieved is injury, division and needless harm, thus I have to disagree with Archbishop Welby, who appears to only be taking part in an interview to placate all, and wandering from the reality of the matter, of which he seems to have minimal understanding.

The Archbishop states his faith in the Dean of Jersey, but equally claims to stand by his apology to me.

My mind boggles as I try to comprehend this.

So, he he believes in the Dean? And he still apologizes to me for the handling of my complaint?

I can't really comprehend this. I wonder if anyone else can unravel what he means by this?

Bearing in mind that he was speaking on BBC Jersey and obviously doesn't want to rock the boat again, and also that he hasn't actually personally apologized to me or even read my correspondence, he simply issued a vague apology in the press at the same time as that inaccurate Korris report, that damaged me horribly, was issued; Neither the Bishop nor the Archbishop have at any point arranged to meet me and apologize in person or get my side of the Story. And thus, all reports since are unbalanced.

Despite correspondence sent to him, the Archbishop seems completely unaware of my story and of the fact that I have been and am suffering very badly as a result of this ongoing matter, which is affecting my life and health profoundly and leaving me in constant fear of further damage.

The Archbishop claims that he 'has to make sure I am receiving pastoral care' Is he really not aware after all the harm done to me by this badly handled issue and the record that I have as a result of the Church of England, that 'pastoral care' from the Church of England is not welcome, and that I only feel violated by the interventions by the Church of England, which so far in the past year has only been offered in the form of an illegal referral to the NSPCC by Diocesan Safeguarding officer Jane Fisher, who has severely damaged me and who did not have my permission to refer me to anywhere, especially not as I had a formal complaint against her at the time, which continues to be blankly ignored by the Church of England.

My pastoral care is in my own hands, and the repeated forced interventions by the Church of England are a violation akin to rape, and my response to these forced violations is the anger for which they have previously had me detained and brutalized by the police.

The referral to the NSPCC was ridiculous, firstly due to the fact that I am no longer a child and do not have care of a child, as well as the fact that the referral was made without my consent and the Diocese knew my feelings about Jane Fisher from my re-iterated complaint against her last year, and the fact was that not only was the referral done without my consent, it was attempted by the Bishop to force this 'help' on me, and this caused massive distress, this was at the point where I wrote my legal letter to the Bishop -which can easily be found on my blog.

Those who don't know, the Bishop made veiled threat of further action against me when I cried to him in distress and horror when he had me forcibly traced and violated by police in March 2013, when the very reason I responded was because HE HAD HAD ME TRACED, WRONGLY AND SHOCKINGLY THROUGH THE POLICE, only to ignore my questions why and my distress, and I was afraid of a repeat of the continued violations of my private life and illegal interventions and referrals and violations by Jane Fisher and Bishop Scott-Joynt in Jersey and Winchester in 2008-2011 that led to them repeatedly having me brutalized by police and locked up for my response. Jane Fisher and Bishop Scott-Joynt treated my rights and privacy as a joke and prevented me from ever getting help or being able to trust, they destroyed my friendships, social life, career, community work, hope and future, and that remains the case.

The attempts by the Church to force help on me alongside making a massive public disaster about the historic abuse complaint and then attempting to put it all right in an even more damaging way, is not remotely Christian, and Tim Dakin's dreadful 'lost last and least statement' where he claimed that his staff had 'been working hard' to get me help, when the reality was that they had tried to force me to be in contact with a colleague of Jane Fisher's from the NSPCC is dire and very unchristian.

So I am not sure why the Archbishop is praising Bishop Dakin, especially as he has damaged lives, especially mine, for no reason, wasted hundreds of thousands of pounds, and continues to leave me in fear that my newly rebuilt life will be destroyed again by this matter.

The reality is that this matter has been handled terribly on all sides and maximum harm has been done to me as a result, whereas in my life, I had made my confession to God for my sins of anger and distress as my Post-Traumatic-Stress went out of control in Jersey and was made increasingly worse by Jane Fisher's actions, I had left this matter in the past, and the way it has been publicly dragged up and I have been publicly flogged for it is horrific, the Church of England demonstrating that in 2000 years they have not changed from the crowd that called for Jesus' public flogging and crucifiction as they are doing the same to me.

I gather that either the Archbishop was ill-prepared for his interview on BBC Jersey and had little understanding of the matter, or he was badly briefed. He certainly demonstrated that despite me writing to him, he has not read my letter and has no understanding of my circumstances. But it is absolutely baffling how he can be on BBC Jersey praising people who have made such a mess, the gulf between the reality of the situation and the Archbishop's words are horrendous as I live each day expecting the CofE's unbalanced reports and damage limitation press releases to harm me further.


Personal message to the Archbishop of Canterbury:

What I would ask of the Archbishop, if he cares in the slightest and is not just speaking empty words from a brief put together by others, is:

Firstly, please read my side of things, and do not violate my life and privacy further by dragging this matter up in the media, you make me ill when you do this, please do not publicly praise people who have done wrong, it makes me ill, please do not insinuate that my pastoral care is remotely to do with your Church who have destroyed me and left me destroyed, especially as you and your church ignore my correspondence and have not dealt with Jane Fisher's wrongdoing and continued violation of my rights and privacy by her continued illegal interventions which started in Jersey and continued even until last year.

Please stop this childish charade and close the matter down with no further harm to my life and reputation, you are making my life and relationships very hard and disrupting my therapy, you have done throughout this matter and appear to have complete disregard for my life and feelings as a human being.

And please remember, you have not yet produced a report or carried out an investigation which represents my full story accurately, and yet you have allowed investigations which interview supporters of the Dean who have never met me.

Please do not underestimate the toll that this is taking on my physical health, if this matter kills me, you will not be able to credibly talk about pastoral care and my welfare, nor will your 'apology' be of any worth, be aware that I have asthma and high blood pressure and heart problems that have been frequently triggered by this terrible matter and it does put me at risk from death.

If you consider yourself a Christian, then be aware that what you and your Church are doing in being less than honest about what is and has gone on and if you continue to harm me with forced 'help' or media releases, you cannot continue to call yourselves Christians any longer. Remember Jesus' reaction to the people about to stone a woman for adultery? The way I have been publicly flogged and branded by the Church of England is as bad as that attempted stoning, and Jesus sin't standing there condoning what you are doing to me, so when is this matter to be concluded and the public flogging of me to stop? Do you or any of you think you will stand before God after this dreadful mess and the cover-ups and 'smoothing down' of this dreadful mess?

What is so terrible about me, for sins past and repented that is worse than what my abusers and their supporters have done, that they are not publicly flogged and I am?



  1. Thank you for your story and re the Korris Report

  2. Thank you for your comment Badger. I am sure readers will be interested.


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