Monday, 18 November 2013

What will they do next, the diocese, deceit and the NSPCC

Well on Saturday I was sent into shock when the Diocese who have destroyed me contacted me directly.
Over the last eight months they have consistently refused to go through my mediator, Bob Hill and instead have repeatedly terrified and intimidated me since threatening me in reply to me asking them not to start violating my life and having me locked up in protest as they did in 2010 and 2011 repeatedly.

So the Bishop's intimidating emails left me shocked and threatened on Saturday, and as a result I discovered that despite my warnings to the Diocese not to violate me, and their threats in return, they were indeed violating me, attempting behind my back to have me housed, even though the reason I remain homeless and on the run is because of their repeated violations of my life and police beatings and detentions in return for my protests to their involvement and my pleas to them to deal with my case, which they never have, the farce that is their highly publicized enquiry does not adress my complaints.

So, just trying to find my feet after the horror of Saturday, I start getting emails from the NSPCC of all people! emails titled 'the Winchester Diocese'.

What is the problem with that? Well:

  • The email address that they sent it to is only used for Diocese of Winchester correspondence and I had not given that email address to the NSPCC, so who had? The only one of my supporters who uses that email address is Bob Hill, and he has not asked to give that address to anyone
  • Why would the NSPCC contact me, I am neither a child nor do I have children in my care, nor have I ever had children in my care.
  • The Diocese have relaunched on me since they recieved the untruthful biased report which was written by Dame Steel who was acting on behalf of her colleagues, Philip Bailhache and others to clear the Dean and destroy me, the Diocese were aware of the conflict of interests and allowed Steel to proceed
  • The diocese have not at any point showed any concern for my welfare, and made it clear through threats, that they villify me too, their recent attacks on my life, especially through the NSPCC are either to prevent my side being heard and villify me further or to pretend to the press that they attempted to provide for me and I turned them down, omitting of course that they refused to communicate through my mediator, intimidated me, and decided very much at the last minute, ie this weekend that they 'cared' about me.
I have made another complaint of harassment to the same police who repeatedly harmed me for the Diocese, but of course they wont do anything, they will brutalize someone with autism for one behalf of a Bishop who failed in his duty of care, but they wont protect someone with autism from the same diocese continuing to destroy her.

If you want to know more of what the diocese have done to harm me, you need to have a read through the older posts on this blog, it is far from complete but it would help if more people hear me.
I am so ill with stress that it is hard to write.

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