Friday, 22 November 2013

Lessons I have learned about myself and the Church of England from my thirteen years with them, part 1.

  • First and foremost, people like me are of no worth and can be treated exactly as the wealthy and secure in the church like, and there is no redress.
  • Secondly, in order to be accepted in the church, let alone play any role, you have to be rich and secure and from a normal family, you can be a peadophile, a womaniser, anything unethical you like, but it is your wealth and status that matters to the church. Poor people are marginalized, abused and excluded.
  • There is no safeguarding in the Winchester Diocese
  • Abuse is ok but abuse victims are not.
  • according to the church of england I am to blame for 13 years in the Diocese without Safeguarding and all the collective harm to me, and they have not at any point been willing to hear me, they prefer to have me beaten and locked up.
  • Autism and other conditions are a crime, but only if you are poor, if you are rich you can have a mental illness and damage vulnerable people as a result while you hold positions in the church, just as, if you are rich or well-connected, you can use the church as a place to find and abuse the vulnerable and you will be protected.
  • The church of england has no ethics and no teaching or accountability, a lot of businessmen go just for the social after the service, where they can talk euros and offshores.
  • The church treat someone like me worse that Ian Huntley or Ian Brady have been treated by the press and the public. The Church is supposedly based on the God and the Bible but they either ignore the teachings or twist them to suit themselves, thus me being froced to forgive, but them being entirely unforgiving and worse.

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