Thursday, 21 November 2013

Good morning, terrified and fearful

Good morning.
Hopelessness continues.
The complexity of people going behind my back and trying to make life decisions for me against my will, and my reaction has been severe and I am tired and shaky all the time.
My mediator and a friend of his called Julie, contacted someone representing the church of england about me, and apparently made arrangements about me without my input or consent, at the same time as the Diocese of Winchester started threatening my life and liberty again.
The Diocese of Winchester have refused my complaint and harmed me badly and constantly and have no right to a say in my life at all. I am living in terror of them forcing on me and knowing I am open and vulnerable to attacks by them and the police, I am defenceless and have managed to make myself very vulnerable both by letting my location be known and by allowing another disasterous pastoral care relationship to rock my life.

I remember how my parents used to say that spirits and demons were responsible for bad things, especially bad things by authorities, and so, to amuse myself in the early hours as I no longer sleep properly, I looked up spirits, guardians, and powers behind the Diocese of Winchester, I found St. Swithun and that is all, I do not think he is responsible for this almighty horror, and I rarely pray to Saints as it is not appropriate, but I prayed that he would intercede in this injustice and do a miracle like he did with the basket of eggs.
I think the sheer force of the Diocese and the sheer injustice can only be Satan's work.
My side is drowned out and I am villified with my side of my reactions not being heard.

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