Sunday, 17 November 2013


1.30am, I haven't really recovered from the shocks of Saturday afternoon.
Finding the Bishop in the trash can, threatening me again.

Knowing that probably the problem is that the Bishop's puppet-master, Jane Fisher, who was puppet-master to the last one, is not liking the increased publicity, so she is pulling the Bishop's strings to threaten me, which shows she hasn't learned a thing in 5 years, the Diocese of Winchester are going to kill me, at this late stage there is no doubt my life will be lost because of physical or emotional damage done by this senseless war, but I will die fighting and I consider this the last battle so I will be fighting with what I have got left.

These days i do not sleep much, and the world is not a very interesting place any more, all that is left is this senseless half-a-million-pound-destroyal of me, and it is ironic, I have never had that much money in my life and am not worth it, and they have wasted that much on destroying me.

I am guessing they will try and capture and beat me again soon, as the publicity is not doing them any good, and I hope the capture leads to more bad publicity for them.

As for me, I am waiting for God to say that I can go.To be free of what was in the end, a painful and suffering ordeal of a life, which went on too long.

Here is a song for the battle with the last of my spirit.

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