Friday, 22 November 2013

I do not understand what is going on, only that the Diocese have had me repeatedly publicly villified and taken my life from me.

I do not understand the row about my pyjamas, I was in my pyjamas, a dark blue jumper and tracksuit bottoms and no bra, when I was deported, people keep saying I was wearing trainers but I was not.
I was wearing block soft house shoes with holes in the soles.

I was not taken to my house to get my posessions, I was taken to my house because the police wanted to get my passport, I never saw my posessions again.

I do not understand why this row about me being deported goes on, it will not change what has happened to me at the hands of the church of england. If they had safeguarded me from harm and abuse, then this would not have happened at all, and instead of righting their wrongs, they have simply attacked me for ight months and allowed other people, complete strangers, people like Peter Ould, to attack me, if they failed in safeguarding before, they have truly utterly failed in all this.

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