Sunday, 17 November 2013

Letters welcome

Thank you to the two people who have written to the Diocese and sent me a copy of the letter/email for my blog.
anyone else writing to the Diocese is very welcome to send me a copy for the blog.
And remember to keep a copy for your records for when the inevitable happens.

The Diocese of Winchester have been so much more than a thorn in my flesh for such a very long time, but the thing is, when I was fighting them alone, I was an easy target and they destroyed me very effectively, and this year, when they sadistically came back for more, I do not think they expected any resistance, I guess they would have hoped my suicide to be a in May at the latest, but it is November now, and I have lived to see some of the beautiful cold autumn, and I am grateful to God, although I have suffered more than a human being should be able to bear.

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