Friday, 22 November 2013


News: I have found a referral for therapy with a Behavioural therapist who works with attachment theory!
I think it is important to have this therapy before I refer for EMDR, which is now available.
Because I think EMDR may not work without the attachment disorder being treated.
And I think the attachment disorder causes a lot of my problems and is priority.

Thankfully my new therapist is nearby, and will not cost me as much as the very good therapy that I travel 80 miles for. I think that is all good news, and I thought I would share it.
Once I start to get the reactive attachment disorder settled and become more able to relate to people and thus more settled, then I will progress to the trauma therapy.

I do not understand about the other news going round, to do with the Steel report and an injunction.
I daren't say anything.
I gather that Peter Ould, who, despite being an ordained Priest, is still using it to attack me on his blog, despite me speaking to his diocese about his offensive treatment of me though, so if he has published it, then does the injunction only protect certain people? The Dean? The whole report?
Because, from what I have heard, the report is in their favour, to my detriment.
Er, I do not understand, but if someone did get an injunction and prevent me being destroyed.
Thank you.
But I do not actually understand what has happened.

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