Friday, 22 November 2013

A statement to BBC Jersey in reply to the Bishop's rather bizarre statement where he lets the wrongdoers off the hook, talks about being unable to publish the Steel report and waffles about how the Diocese have arranged help for me but omits that I warned him and his diocese not to harass me

I would like to state that I am insulted and damaged by the Bishop's statement.
I have been severely damaged by the Diocese of Winchester and would not trust any help from them or anyone connected with them, they have never had my consent to arrange help and are again removing my autonomy and privacy by trying to force their agenda on me and not taking into account my private life and the help I am already receiving or how wounding their violations of me are after the harm they did to me.

Dame Steel produced a report that omitted my side of things but included witness accounts of at least one person who has never met me and was not even there when I was in Jersey, the way the conflicted report has proceeded for months, omitting me and with the Diocese ignoring the conflict, has left me very ill, so I do not understand how the Bishop has the audacity to 'offer help', while he has absolved the wrongdoers and seriously harmed me.

No help will ever undo the harm done to me by the Diocese of Winchester, the severity and effects of the harm will limit my life and harm me until I die. 

His comments about 'called to help the lost, the last and the least' is plain ridiculous in light of what I have suffered at the hands of the Church of England.

The Bishop received a legal letter from me last week, warning him not to harass me further with intervention in my life. This legal letter is not the letter mentioned that has prevented him publishing Dame Steel's report.


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