Sunday, 17 November 2013

odds and ends

Good afternoon.
Well the blog stats shot over 2000 overnight, a lot of genuine stats are not showing on feedjit but are showing on blogger.

Tony's blog has a good post today.

I emailed the Bishop of Winchester cc the police today: Short but to the point, I hope.

if you are going to send threatening emails send them to the police and get yourself put away, harassing me does indeed anger and wound me, but what exactly is your sadism achieving except provoking me?'

Thank you to those who have been retweeting me, my message is being retweeted to hundreds of people.

If the Diocese of Winchester want a fight to the death, they are going to damn well get one.

Let the sacrifice of my life break their evil and their power and ensure that abuse victims are protected forever.

They have no voice. I speak for them. 

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