Friday, 22 November 2013

John Gladwin and Christine Daly

These were two people that we actually had a faint hope in.
In the beginning.
Well, Bob did, but when he made contact with John Gladwin and was not getting very clear answers to his questions about meeting. I started to wonder. I guess I never had great faith in any investigation, seeing as the way the Diocese went about things was senseless and cruel.

Bob managed to arrange a meeting, but I have a feeling it was agreed to as a box-ticking exercise.

although, when we arrived at the meeting, Christine Daly was obviously very genuine, there is no way on earth she was not genuine, but she did not know the case, she did not know who Jane Fisher was, which was a shock to me, so if she did not know the case, and yet was there, once that box ticking meeting was over and she heard the other side of the story and neither saw me again nor got my evidence, it didn't matter how genuine she was, the investigation was not fair.

I had expressed my concern a number of times about one meeting not being enough, and during this meeting, Christine said that there would be a number of meetings, that they would have a number of meetings in Jersey and a number of meetings with me. 
This never happened.

After the first meeting they had in Jersey, they obviously had no further interest in my side of things.

Anyway. The investigation, who was doing what and why, was never explained to me, nor was anything explained when Christine and John did not meet with me or make contact with Bob when he kept emailing them, this has been consistent, Bob and I have been shut out of this investigation over and over. Anyway, I contacted John and Christine, asked what was going on, asked what evidence they needed, offered Christine a link to a blog where I would put evidence, but I did not get any adequate reply.
I remained shut out.
And because Bob does not have my full story, he could not represent me to them, especially as they were not responding to him.
So hands up anyone who thinks this is a fair investigation?
Ah, a few hundred in the Jersey Deanery and Diocese of Winchester who haven't played fair.

At the meeting in London with Bob, John and Christine, Christine puzzled me because she was writing down about me losing all my things and certificates and talking about how to replace them, what exactly would be the point, even if it was possible when my name has changed since I lost them? I have a criminal record, and every certificate I gained is worthless. It would cost hundreds to replace lost certificates in my new name and would pointless in the extreme, my life has been taken from me, and I would rather have my driving licence back than all those certificates. There is so much else lost that thinking about replacing lost certificates seemed ludicrous.

At the meeting in London, I did not know what I was to talk about really, because the investigation had not been explained to me, and Bob had become unsure about what I was to talk about and said that because Gavin Ashenden was making accusations against me in the press, I would have to explain my side of my past, so I was very anxious and traumatized at the thought of explaining past abuse and my reaction to it, (the situations in question are explained in yesterday's 'attachment disorder' post).

Anyway, it turned out that we talked about the Dean and the abuse, but I was too stressed to talk about the Bishop, and I panicked because I thought we were going to talk about Jane Fisher, but Christine didn't even know who Jane fisher was! 
Which shows just how this whole thing has bypassed my complaints, from beginning to end, why was a massive public investigation launched against the Jersey Deanery that led to me being villified and having lies made up about me, and my complaint about Jsne Fisher, which was equally important, or more so because of her position, was ignored?

Bob was very good at the meeting in London because he enabled me to speak, John Gladwin seemed very distant but impressively was the one pouring the coffee, why can't all Bishops do that?

Christine was very genuinely friendly and kind and helpful, but obviously, the minute the Jersey way and their collaberation got John and Christine, that was the end of my side of things, the little that was expressed at that meeting, and it would take days to get my side of things verbalised and even blogging it is still impossible due to trauma and the situation in which I am living.

John and Christine would not do anything about Dame Steel's conflict of interests, and would not communicate effectively or tell me if they wanted my evidence or not or if they ever accessed my evidence blogs.

So, basically I came to the conclusion I was defeated and my side was of no worth and this whole situation was rigged rather than genuine.
Having never heard anything more from John and Christine, I was utterly horrified to hear, that they, having let me down terribly, were being involved behind my back in an attempt to house me.
I was betrayed and I was horrified.

My message in reply is that neither they nor the Diocese have dealt with my complaint, therefore they are not to be involved in my housing or private life.

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