Sunday, 6 July 2014

Trolls beware

I just had an amusing moment on twitter,
some pathetic troll called me a crank and said there was no evidence for my blog or something.

Firstly, anyone hiding behind anonymyty of twitter or other media to call a stranger a crank, is a crank themselves.
Secondly my blog is evidenced, maybe they can't read very well, poor troll, that is why they are sitting on twitter and not in a job,
and thirdly, their rude and completely random intervention in my conversation on twitter just shows them up as very badly brought up,
and fourthly, I reported them to twitter.

So, trolls beware, you are irrelevant to me, cranks of the highest order, and my blog is credible, evidenced and has a wide and regular readership, and you only show yourselves up as not having lives.

I wonder if this is the same pathetic troll who barks desparately and constantly on Gojam's blog every time the church of england is mentioned, screaming desparately that no one is abused in the church of england and that it is all witch hunts and Godless smears, haha, that troll is funny in it's desparation.
This one, if not the same one, is another narrow Ould bully, and I feel sorry for it.
A poor desparate old church lady, so narrowminded and set in her ways, like so many of them, maybe?

All trolls, I will report you, to twitter, to the police etc. I can always get your IP off the feed and let Staines or Richmond police or whoever know.
No doubt the crank who called me names and rubbished my blog is not a first time offender.

Funny to see how that crank appeared to remove it's tweets, or was that when I blocked it, AFTER getting the tweet URLs to report to twitter.
I wonder if it is the same troll, under a different name that used to scream abuse at Stuart and Elle.

Anyone who abuses a vulnerable person on twitter anonymously is not worth life.
Trolls are a joke to me, they tend to make me write more prolifically and say more about the very real damage I have suffered, but they kill young people and vulnerable people with their insults and lies and anonymous bullying on social media, and I went through a year of death threats, insults and bullying on social media when I was in Jersey and survived it and realised that anonymous bullies are not worth the time of day, they can only hurt you or kill you if you let them.

I must be making some headway if the trolls are desparate enough to attack me. I will endeavour to step it up. And will do, as well as reporting any trolls, every time they hurl insults from the safety of their council flats.
Trevor, would you like to send Jonny this way?

All my enemies will be disgraced – Psalm 6:10

Well, they are disgraceful, and unrepentant. So that is a start.

The blog will hit 40,000 views within the next few days, which is a perfectly good stat for such a specialist subject blog, and the day to day blog has a surprisingly strong following now. So, trolls and cranks, shout and scream, make me laugh and increase my stats.

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