Friday, 11 July 2014

email to Senator Gorst

I am just going to re-iterate that I have not granted consent for the violation of my life and privacy that you claim to be an investigation.
An investigation without my views is only useful as toilet paper.

You need to investigate why you have allowed a smear campaign against me by conflicted members of the church-judiciary-states clique and why you have allowed me to be harmed and not safeguarded that way. I consent to an investigation into your politicians smearing me, lying about me and abusing their office that way, for example senator Bailhache writing a public letter full of untruths and publishing it using his title as senator, and later claiming he is intitled to support the church that way as a member/officer of the church.
Er no, no politician is entitled to abuse their power.
So Senator Gorst, so impressed with this public display of misconduct by a man who had never met me defaming me, promoted him. 
And to add, what kind of Christian behaves as Bailhache consistently does anyway?

And on the subject, another conflict is that the same officer on the safeguarding panel is the one the Bishop 'appointed' to liase with Daem Heather Steel, the conflicted jusge, close colleague of Philip Bailhache who hijacked the Diocesan inquiry on behalf of Philip Bailhache.

Jersey care inquiry, make notes, THIS is what goes on in Jersey, THIS is how the establishment works to silence victims and uphold wrongdoers.

We are discussing the same Philip Bailhache who was head the board of Haute de la Garrenne during the decades when abuse took place.

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