Tuesday, 8 July 2014

follow up letter to Senator Gorst 3

Dear Senator Gorst,

A week after I emailed you, I have not had a response from you regarding you safeguarding me from defamatory reports that do not include the reality of what happened to me, and also regarding the smear campaign by members of your government.

In light of your pledge to help disabled people, and the interesting vote to change the care system while Jersey is under investigation over care, I think it would be helpful if you did respond and direct inquiry into my complaint, as this matter is not going to go away. Especially not when it becomes a legal issue, even if the perpetrators of the smear campaign are legal experts, a lawyer/judge and an ex-magistrate, both of whom were part of the church and associated with my abuser and both of whom have abused their power in the matter of my case and the associated unbalanced inquiries.


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