Saturday, 12 July 2014

A gay day in Jersey

Now remember as you read this link, Jersey is the Island where the Dean who called me wicked and said I wasn't abused, because it was his friend I reported, was allowed to ask new political candidates 'Why should a bunch of 'Christians' vote for you?'
A bit like communism run by the Church, a bit like Poland's Catholic Priests telling their congregations who to vote for.

I just wanted to nick some comments off VoiceforChildren's blog:

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    I would be attending to if I wasn't stuck 5000 Miles away, to show support for the principal of equality and vent my anger at this (mostly) pathetic apology of a government that currently turns a deaf ear to the people. There are but a few courageous and fair representatives of the people that deserve all our support in the defense of civil rights, equality and justice.

    My only other point would be if 800 people truly can and do get off their butts to support this just and noble principal, then I hope they can feel similarly driven and empowered to support the fight against the corrupt and illegal cover up of pedophiles in Jersey.

    Wake up your island needs you now!


    For the record not gay, but proud to stand along side all my gay friends in granting them equality.
  • Hear, hear! Nuff said.
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