Wednesday, 9 July 2014

follow up email to Jersey Safeguarding (what a joke!) board

Good morning,

Just a reminder that I have had no response to my complaints and concerns from either the chief minister who is too busy fighting for inequality for gay people, or the safeguarding (what a joke!) board.

Some months ago this woman  leading the destroyal of me under the guise of safeguarding, claimed that the police had done nothing wrong.
And then all this time later she contacts me.

I would say the police dishonesty, inaccurate records and brutality constitutes the police doing something wrong, unless you are in Jersey, where the police have been causing deaths and wrecking lives for a long time, and as they are overseen by a man who is a church of england reader and friend of my abuser, or course it would be claimed they have done no wrong, but I was on the receiving end of their wrong and no lies and liars will ever tell me that what happened to me did not.

the report is a whitewash, and I have not had a response to my safeguarding complaint of Bailhache and friends running a public smear campaign against me, publicly lying about me and acting in a way unseemly and inappropriate for politicians.

Nor an explaination of why my emails to Jersey safeguarding in February of this year were ignored, nor an explanation of why the board claimed in february to be trying to contact me, didn't try, didn't respond to my emails and contacted me now instead.
The board claimed to be finishing their report and trying to contact me to include my views, what a lie, and what a crass and unfair way of doing a report, if it had been genuine, then I would have been contacted in the first place and included properly in the report.

Jersey's safeguarding (what a joke!) board is not fit for purpose and is there only to make Jersey look good, it safeguards no-one, as media articles keep showing.

If safeguarding really care about my views and what I have suffered, then they need to look into onlaughts against me by Philip Bailhache, Ian LeMarquand and Mike Higgins.
These men have used their office to cause me harm.
Your 'reports' will be completely invalid unless you include this, and anyway, your report is invalid and is simply an act of harassment and defamation, so let me know as and when you shred it.

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