Friday, 11 July 2014

Jersey's sham safeguarding board continued

I, HG, State the following:
  1. I have not agreed to intrusion and intervention by Jersey's Sham 'safeguarding board'.
  2. I forbid continued intrusion and intervention.
  3. One of the reasons I forbid this is because they are conflicted by acting for a government who have publicly smeared me.
  4. The sham safeguarding board have already made their stance clear by stating in February that their report was nearly finished and they were apparently trying to contact me then but did not go through Bob Hill when it was made clear to them that he was acting for me, they made no attempt to contact me in February.
  5. They contacted me directly very recently, presumably as an afterthought so that they could claim in their whitewash report to have contacted me. The report, if nearly finished in February, would be complete by now. Presumably they hoped I would reject them out of hand and they could thus publish the report and say that. Instead, I am charging them to publish both this legal letter/warning and the previous legal letter to Glenys Johnstone in their report if they insist on harming me by publishing their whitewash.
  6. The board need to be aware that their actions in accessing any records of mine are illegal, that publishing anything dishonest or untruthful that omits my views is illegal and I will proceed action in all ways possible while widely publicising the board's actions against me, and my reach now through blogs and other media is extensive.
  7. The sham safeguarding board are not carrying out an investigation, and have not, they have been carrying out a biased cover up for a government who smeared my name, as shown in the email links in the formal letter to Glenys Johnstone.
  8. I intend to persue this matter until Jersey's sham safeguarding board desist from harassing me. The report is a sham for a government who publicly smeared me, it is conflicted, it is a whitewash and it will be sent round the world for the whitewash it is, and Jersey's government and sham safeguarding board are already known to a wide audience as corrupt and ineffective. Jersey's sham safeguarding board is getting a lot of negative publicity for being ineffective and protecting no-one, so harassing a vulnerable adult for a whitewash report is going to come as no surprise to the world, nor is the continued action and publicity I produce.
  9. The days of re-abusing victims is coming to an end, the recent CSA inquiry has highlighted in the media just the kind of thing Jersey's corrupt government and sham safeguarding board are inflicting on me, a re-abuse, a harassment to drive me to death and ruin and silence me, this is what thousands of children and young people in the UK have suffered and this is what Jersey and the diocese have made me suffer, but the time of being silenced is well and truly over, we are speaking and being heard, and you are nothing more than a sham government agency who are harassing me, and I am asking you again and formally, to desist.
  10. The only people to investigate this matter are to be independent of Jersey, and puppets like Glenys Johnstone, who cleared the police of misconduct months ago without my views, are not independent.
  11. This will be published on my blog, on twitter and on other media.
  12. Mike Higgins, who often raises my case in the States without my consent, has my consent to raise this in the States.

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