Friday, 11 July 2014

Addition to Jersey police email

I am sorry, at one point in my previousl email I mention the violent brutality and detention, and I put 'The day you released me', which should have read 'The day you released him' - my abuser, the day you punished me for reporting him, I also meant to add, that from that point onwards I began to deteriorate, I never got over the shock of that uneccasry adn violent treatment by the police, never recovered, and deteriorated rapidly, very severely traumatized.

The other thing I omitted was, when I mentioned Jane Fisher liasing with the police over my case during the smear campaign against me, led by Philip Bailhache, neither jane Fisher nor the police did anything about the distress I was suffering as a result of the smear campaign, so what valid reason did the police and Jane Fisher have to meet?
Basically that was a cover up liason.

Also, at the same time, Jane Fisher refused a safeguarding complaint of another vulnerable adult against Jersey church members.

I have suffered and been silenced for too long, it is time that all the horrendous treatment I have suffered came out in the open and the villification and smears about me being insane are stopped.

Fact is the authorities in Jersey completely let me down.
The beating and detention you subject me to, the day you let my abuser go is one very clear example, and the police are responsible for my subsequent deterioration as a result, as the police continued to treat me like dirt and ignored my complaints.
Here is one of my complaints

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