Friday, 11 July 2014

letter to Jersey Police

Dear Officer ********,

I wrote to you earlier regarding how someone has perverted the course of justice if the police claim only last year to have received evidence.
Basically the level of dishonesty in that is unbelievable,
the church want my abuser prosecuted for their own ends and so you receive evidence all of a sudden five years too late and the other side of destroying me.
You could have prosecuted him on the evidence you got 5 years ago, because no evidence was witheld by me then, and whoever else has witheld evidence, ie the church, until they want the man prosecuted 5 years too late, has committed a criminal offence.

I would also like to bring to your attention the fact that at the height of the smear campaign last year, Jane Fisher came to Jersey and liased with you over my case, she did not have my consent and has seriously and permenantly damaged me, and as you will be aware, she is one of the people who brought criminal charges against me and thus had no right to be further involved in my case or any cover ups such as the Korris report which omits her behaviour, or any further liason with the police. Please ensure that this is investigated.

There is also another matter to bring to your attention. Jersey's sham safeguarding panel, apparently on the request of the Bishop and Diocese who have destroyed me, are forcing a whitewash defamatory investigation on me, Jersey is in the past for me and what happened to me in Jersey is so traumatic that I have blank patches in my memory which the psychologist says that I must not recall, I am still aware I was treated atrociously by Jersey police and my letters of complaint were ignored, and that other agencies in Jersey also let me down, but the sham safeguarding panel has already, before contacting me for my views, completed a report and cleared the wrongdoers.
The reason I bring this to your attention is, the same officer 'appointed' by the Bishop of Winchester to liase with the conflicted Dame Heather Steel and apparently illegally access my inaccurate records on her behalf, is also on Jersey's sham safeguarding team, and undoubtedly acting against me in the same way.

Unfortunately no-one involved in this matter knows me and are all singularly going on what they are reading and what they are reading is not me or an accurate representation of me or what happened to me.

You have tried to get me to bring a case against my abuser five years too late and when you are part of the police force who destroyed me and who keep inaccurate records against me, and you did this upon a perversion of the course of justice and while I am too unwell to even comprehend a court case, especially as, much publicized in the JEP recently, you half kill abuse victims in court. Your police force destroyed me without even putting me in court, such is the corruption in the force, you had me violently brutalized and thrown roughly in a cell and locked in the day you let my abuser  go, as a punishment for reporting him. Five years later, when you should be investigating who perverted the course of justice by witholding evidence, you want me to be further injured by Jersey's corrupt police and judiciary?

So, I am asking you instead, to make sure my concerns raised here are investigated, even if an outside force has to investigate.

Because it appears that my police records in Jersey, inaccurate as they are to start with, are open to viewing and tampering by the diocese and their representatives, by this officer Gull who has acted against me on behalf of the Bishop as well as Jersey's sham safeguarding board, by Senator Bailhache and his close colleague Dame Heather, and by the overseer of the police, Ian LeMarquand, who is also a church of england reader and long time friend of my abuser.

If you feel that the concerns raised here are not within your field of work, please refer them to a collague who will investigate as they are serious matters, and can't be fobbed off as insanity, as is the Jersey way, because my psychological report, available here, shows that I am not 

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