Monday, 7 July 2014

In simple terms, safeguarding

I am a simple person, I need simple terms.

The Diocese of Winchester's attack on the Jersey Deanery was stupid, and did not and will not solve anything, because the Deanery couldn't care less about the diocese, and while the diocese only launched half an investigation, they are not credible.
They did not do an investigation into Jane Fisher and Michael Scott-Joynt's actions and their defamation of me, breaches of my privacy, dignity, confidentiality and the data protection act, in their illegal liasons with different organizations, to cover their backs and get their side accross at my expense.
So basically the whole investigation was invalid, and when Dakin's insane attack on the Jersey Deanery got the expected response, he went belly up and will now do as he is told by them.
An inexperienced and incompetent bishop completely incomprehensibly given a massive diocese with massive problems due to the previous Bishop, who was experienced, being unable to run this diocese,
what an unholy mess.

Bishop Dakin has been given his lines by Jersey:

I am a bad Bishop
I am a bad Bishop
I am a bad Bishop... etc

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