Saturday, 12 July 2014

correspondence with the Chief Minister

Dear Senator Gorst,

I am just emailing regarding correspondence.
I do find that you and the sham safeguarding board emailing just before the weekend kind of gives the impression that you don't want correspondence, but, nonetheless, while you are harming me, you will get correspondence.

Before I continue, may I congratulate you on the march for gay rights in Jersey today. The march gained international coverage and gave many hope that Jersey is changing for the better, the island that is known for it's archaic and feudal government that is known as a government that robs the poor and vulnerable and children and minorities of rights and freedoms because of the finance industry and the few all-powerful conflicted States-Judiciary-masonic-church members, has today shown hope for change, for a better Jersey, one where there are no longer any atrocities such as the way I was destroyed and the way it was covered up, including your sham investigation and Philip Bailhache's smear campaign against me and his fight to silence Haute de la Garenne abuse victims for the sake of the Island's reputation, and his use of his coleague and friend, Dame Steel, to hijack the Diocese of Winchester's investigation and further damn me in a report that excludes me and yet includes people who were not in Jersey during the events being investigated and had not met me.

Well, done, as chief Minister, for leading your Island today, in full view of the world, to state that things will change in Jersey. The March for equality was stunning!

I am mainly emailing though, in light of the new hope for Jersey, for justice and equality, to remind you to withdraw the whitewash safeguarding sham investigation because the counteractions will have negative consequences on the new and hopeful Jersey's reputation, because I do have the evidence to counter your sham investigation that has already cleared wrongdoers on their say-so without my version of events being recorded. What kind of investigation only records the defendants? Not a genuine or balanced one, a genuine investigation involves the complainant from the start, not at the last minute just to put on record that they have been contacted.

And also to remind you that I would like an investigation into the serious breach of safeguarding, States conduct and my rights and dignity that has been the smear campaign headed by Philip Bailhache and Ian LeMarquand, conflicting and abusing their roles in States, Church and Judiciary and abusing their power to influence people against me with propaganda.

I look forward to the very readily available evidence of this, and evidence that is not so readily available of liasons over this, being examined by the safeguarding board.

I would like to add, finally, that there is an illusion, not a very good one, that Glenys Johnstone is independent, unfortunately she is not independent but is not on the Island and thus not able to see the workings of a corrupt and badly run system against the poor, the vulnerable and victims of Jersey's covered-up decades of abuse of children in care. Basically, as I mentioned, victims have been ruined, driven to death and intimidated out of giving evidence, I have first hand experience of this happening to victims of Haute de la Garenne while I was in Jersey, and it is still happening, with victims afraid to give evidence due to knowing the harm that can befall them in return, because the details of their evidence will be put in the public domain. There is no sign that Mrs Johnstone knows or cares about this, but is more there to protect the establishment, fortunately for me, she is in the UK and I can take her to court.

I look forward to seeing you continue the progress started with your excellent gay rights march by ensuring that the ministers who have acted in bias to the church by smearing me and upholding the grave wrongdoing of the Dean and Church, are disciplined, as is the Dean, this is now also your responsibility as the Diocese of Winchester, fended off by the Deanery of Jersey, and with no power in Jersey, were forced to abandon the matter and leave it to the Steel/Bailhache whitewash.
It will be so wonderful to see you put all this right, now that you have made the first step in transforming Jersey from a communist/feudal state to democracy and transparency by arranging and publicising the Gay Rights March.
I look forward to you disciplining your government ministers, including the Dean, in order that they can learn to be part of this new and hopeful Jersey and leave their corrupt and abusive ways behind, for the sake of all poor, vulnerable, disabled and young people in Jersey, and also in light of their objections to the wonderful march today, that they also learn the basic values that Jesus taught 'Judge Not', and 'love your neighbour as yourself'.


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