Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Korris Rubbish

The Diocese claimed to have taken the Korris rubbish down,
where from? Just their website?

It is available and it is still an inaccurate, unamended report.
See how easy it is to access the Korris rubbbish that omits Jane Fisher goading and bullying me and covering up for wrongdoers and being dishonest to continue to have me beaten and locked up after she had me made homeless?

Here's the Korris rubbish, written by an unqualified lay person who broke the ethics of her work and did not include my views. She has damaged me for life by having this nonsense published internationally, shaming and defaming me with no thought for my welfare, very much the kind of thing Jane Fisher does and approves, and since this international public flogging of me was arranged by Fisher, it is not that surprising.

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