Sunday, 18 May 2014

Old posts, helpful but non-essential reading 2

The Church of England's investigations, which miss the point, don't investigate my side of things or my complaints, are on a course to seriously harm me once again, thus I am launching OUR INVESTIGATION:

This consists of me answering questions from any blog readers, any reasonable questions, you can send them via email or via the comment form.
I am not bothered if Jonny the troll sends any, I will have a good laugh :)

the email address is:


I have been asked what I want.

That is a good question, especially as I have flu and my energy has run out, but I will make a start.
I am interested to see the jump in the blog stats this evening too.

Well I can't really have what I want, my life and good character and everything that was ripped from me restored. Which is what I would want.
So what else could I want?

First and foremost to see Jane Fisher removed from working with vulnerable people and disciplined.

For my side to be heard.

For Dame Heather Steel to be removed and for her friend Philip Bailhache to lose his dictatorship so that there can be justice in Jersey in the real sense of the word, especially for abuse survivors.

For people to be made accountable for their wrongs, which is not the same thing as the Diocese of Winchester scapegoating them for publicity or letting them off because of pressure to do so.

I think that is enough for tonight, I am suffering badly with flu deep deep trauma on the anniversary of my death at the hands of the diocese of winchester.

Legal Abuse

This was posted by a reader of one of the Jersey blogs in response, it is very interesting.

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