Sunday, 18 May 2014

Essential reading/old posts 1.

Written 01/10/2013 on this blog:

My last words before I go out to my evening classes and then to struggle with another night on the streets, battling depression and despair and the oppression of Dame Steel's conflicted enquiry, which is due to be published to damn me and prevent me from returning to Jersey in 10 days time.

Bishop Tim Dakin made his attitude to me clear by threatening me, refusing to communicate through my mediator and allowing the conflicted enquiry to continue.

His only way out of this mess and avoiding my complaint, which is not against Jersey but against Jane Fisher, is to have me damned again, and he will.
If this had ever been a genuine enquiry then I would have been asked if I still had a complaint and who it was against, and also Jane Fisher's misconduct would have been included in the enquiry and investigated.

She should have been suspended, and at least made to apologize.
As it is, she has got off scott free and I am suffering illness as I wait to be damned.
I bet she is delighted.
I always felt that she would not let me go after having me ruined and condemned again in Sussex, which is why I went on the run and changed my name, and yet the diocese were allowed to use the police who they brutalized me with to trace me and re-launch their harm of me.

So I am waiting to be damned for Fisher and the Bishop, and no matter who I contact and beg for help, I am ignored or treated as mad and bad.
Nothing has changed there, it is exactly as it was when Jane Fisher was ruining me on the streets of Winchester and no matter who I begged for help, I was treated as mad and bad.

Written 02/10/13 on this blog:

I am not writing the blog today as I have too much else going on and I am battling depression and pain.
I am still under horrendous pressure due to it being approximately 9 days until the expected attack on my life by Dame Steel and the Diocese of Winchester.
I guess I live in terror that they will succesfully take my life and freedom from me, and basically I am powerless, helpless and knowing that it will be this way for the rest of my life, the diocese with their wealth and power, own the police, and I, labelled mad and bad, have no voice and no way of preventing the diocese from going on harming me for the rest of my life.

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