Tuesday, 20 May 2014

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Thoughts provoked by media this morning.
What if Bishops, those high up in the big houses and with all the power, started talking the issues of abuse of children and vulnerable adults.
By tackling I do not mean spouting off in the media, glorifying themselves or reluctantly facing the hundreds of abuse and misconduct complaints that they receive.
It would be better for their souls than their usual routines of pomp and high profile fattening dinners.

The Day Bishops start actively helping abuse victims, making proper provision for their welfare and recovery, and dealing with the abusers openly, then things will change.
I am not talking about my case. I am talking about in every case.



Thank you to the two people who have written to the Diocese and sent me a copy of the letter/email for my blog.
anyone else writing to the Diocese is very welcome to send me a copy for the blog.
And remember to keep a copy for your records for when the inevitable happens.

The Diocese of Winchester have been so much more than a thorn in my flesh for such a very long time, but the thing is, when I was fighting them alone, I was an easy target and they destroyed me very effectively, and this year, when they sadistically came back for more, I do not think they expected any resistance, I guess they would have hoped my suicide to be a in May at the latest, but it is November now, and I have lived to see some of the beautiful cold autumn, and I am grateful to God, although I have suffered more than a human being should be able to bear.


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