Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Diocese -why have they done this?

What were the Diocese of Winchester thinking when they had me illegally traced?

If they were not going to include me, why did they trace me?

Presumably to make themselves look credible and caring at my expense, they wish they hadn't illegally used me that way now.

They excluded me from their 'investigations' and allowd the states-judiciary-lawyer-church laity-masinic circle to hijack the investigations, did nothing when they were made aware of this, and excluded me from the complaint and have decided to publish a list of my perceived and contrived sins on behalf of the deanery that they claimed to be investigating.

That is aimless, unchristian and has not achieved anything remotely to do with safeguarding.

If the diocese had a conscience, they should be very ashamed, but they think publicly flogging me for what my sins are said to be, is acceptable, despite Jesus teaching very clearly that it is wrong to do this.

The whole matter can only ever have been about the church absolving themselves, especially as a key wrongdoer, Jane Fisher has been allowed to influence the matter throughout.
So in discrediting me and leaving me with no credibility they absolve themselves, and the side effect of destroying me is not a problem to these unchristian people.

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