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Who's who 1 - source 'Justice for Jersey'

Who's Who 

Sir Philip Bailhache - Bailiff of Jersey until June 2009 (brother of the William) Picture

William Bailhache QC - Attorney General (brother of Philip) Picture

Marnie Baudains - Directorate Manager of Social Services who called for the sacking of Stuart Syvret as minister - for speaking out about child protection service failures. 

Michael Birt - Bailiff of Jersey since June 2009 Picture

Chris Bright
Editor of the JEP Picture

Denzil Dudley - BBC Jersey Editor famous for saying "the BBC does not host political debates - in case it might influence decision-makers" 

Mick Gradwell  Police Superintendent brought in to take over the abuse inquiry after the retirement of Lenny Harper. Involved with Warcup in fact-free campaign to trash Harper's work and reputation.Picture

Lenny Harper - former Deputy Chief Constable, States of Jersey Police. Since his retirement in 2008, the Jersey establishment has mounted a campaign of vilification against him and his investigation in to the allegations of abuse at Haut de la Garenne children's home. The purpose of this campaign appears to be to allow them to abandon attempts to prosecute alleged abusers and blame it on the `incompetence' of Harper's investigation. Picture

John Hemming     Liberal Democrat MP and campaigner for justice in Jersey.   Picture

Jersey Evening Post
The only newspaper on Jersey. A vehicle for Jersey establishment spin. Historically associated with wartime collusion with the occupying Nazis. (The Channel Islands were the only UK territory to be occupied by the Nazis during WW2.) Picture

Senator Terry Le Sueur - Chief Minister of Jersey (lots of people in Jersey have French-sounding surnames)  Picture

Mario Lundy, Director of Education, Sport and Culture. The subject of a police investigation into accusations of physical abuse when he worked at one of Jersey's children's homes. Despite the investigation, the authorities refused to suspend him. Picture

Emma Martins, Jersey's Data Protection Commissioner, claimed by SS to have manipulated and falsely applied the data protection law in an effort to protect named individuals, and as part of a coordinated action of political oppression against him. (Daughter of Bergerac star John Nettles.) picture

Dave Minty, Police officer leading the investigation against Stuart Syvret, with some enthusiasm it is said. According to SS, "he is also the very self-same police officer who has been furnished with evidence – and extremely well informed witnesses – to the effect that a Minister of the States of Jersey has criminally abused his position to take kick-backs for supporting planning developments." picture

Tom McKeon, Director of Education before Lundy. Also subject to allegations of physical abuse of children in care. Now retired and living in Australia. Picture

Carrie Modral   A spokesperson for the Jersey Care Leavers' Association  Video

Bill Ogley - Chief Executife of the States of Jersey (the most senior civil servant, who destroyed hand-written minutes of the meeting to suspend the police chief before Mr Power had agreed that they were accurate) Picture

Senator Philip Ozouf - Minister for Treasury and Resources. The establishment's Chief Minister in waiting. Picture 

Graham Power - Chief Constable, States of Jersey Police. Suspended for investigating child abuse while child abusers remain in senior posts.  Picture

Matthew Price - BBC Radio Jersey Editor  Picture

Rob Shipley - Deputy Editor of the JEP 

Jack Straw  Labour MP and Minister for Justice, former radical politician who has supported corruption and cover-up in Jersey by his failure to intervene.   Picture

Senator Stuart Syvret       Picture Video
Anti-establishmentv Jersey Senator and former minister of Health and Social Services, who was sacked for uncovering the catastrophic breakdown of child protection servicesThe leading campaigner for justice for Jersey's abuse survivors and author of ground-breaking blog with over 200,000 readers.

States Members  An ingenious attempt to rank States' members according to their degree of political allegiance to the establishmentTony the Prof's Blog

Turks and Caicos IslandsA British territory in the Caribbean. The UK assumed direct rule in August 2009 after allegations of corruption. Unlike in Jersey, the ruling elite are mainly black. Story

Senator Frank Walker - Former Chief Minister of Jersey. Famously accused Stuart Syvret of trying to shaft Jersey internationally. Picture

David Warcup - Deputy Chief Constable recruited on the retirement of Lenny Harper. Swiftly appointed Acting Chief Constable after the oligarchy conspired to suspend Graham Harper. Complicit with Gradwell in the fact-free campaign against Lenny Harper.   Picture
To come: Bridget Shaw, Stephen Baker

The names on the above list come up repeatedly in connection with injustice, conflicts of interest and corruption and cover ups, but nothing is ever done. Some of the above have been involved in the suppression of me and my side of things and the clearing of the Dean and abusers of wrongdoing.

Some of the names are out of date, for example the chief minister of Jersey is Senator Gorst, in theory, in reality he is by all accounts a sock-puppet for Philip Bailhache, because people had to choose between him and Bailhache as chief so they chose the weak leader instead of the dictator, and got a sock puppet.

This is the start of a who's who. Which needs to be contiued in order for a better picture of what is really going on to be seen.

Anyone wanting to add to this, please send me details.

The list above relates mainly to the child abuse and cover up situation including Stuart Syvret's sacking for speaking up about child abuse and Graham Power's illegal suspension for investigating child abuse.

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