Saturday, 24 May 2014

judgement by the church

The church shun and condemn me and malign me through their interconnections and networks to give me a bad name, but in 2006 they said that a peadophile was a 'good man really' and kept quiet about what he had done and ensured that his name wasn't mentioned in connection with the church and the suspicions about his activities with Romanian orphans on mission trips.

That is the Church of England, they publicly flog and discredit and defame a survivor of church abuse, and they praise a paedophile, they drive out and shun and malign an abuse survivor and leave her homeless and with a record she will never come to terms with, and they joyfully welcome back their benefice administrator who ran off with a girl from the diocesan offices and left his wife dying.

This is the church of england.

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