Saturday, 24 May 2014

Nigel's comment on CTV

Posted by Nigel on CTV's article about how I am being harmed. Nigel and others, if someone doesn't stop the harm to me very soon, I am not going to survive intact and remain conscious, I am ill and I am exhausted and I have no idea why the Diocese of Winchester appear to have set out to harm me and been able to destroy me again without anyone, even the police, stopping them.

Posted By: Nigel on 23-May-2014
I don't believe it CTV actually going to report on sensitive issues ! This lady has been treated worse than an animal,I have read everything she has written on her Blog,you can tell she is an Educated Lady who has been taken to the edge ! The people who are supposed to care, oh yes they care but only about themselves and get their friends in high office to do the dirty work. Everybody who lives on this Island deserves to hear the truth about the Church Warden,the behaviour of The Dean and his Wife and how the Police got involved and why was this Lady Locked up and deported ? From what I have read this Lady needs all sorts of help not charity ! Help from us the people ,the people who are being denied the truth and would help her out of love .

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